Star Stable and Alice Prodanou Bring Hit Web Show “Mistfall” to Series


Emmy-winning writer Alice Prodanou and cross-media brand Star Stable Entertainment will bring their hit web show “Star Stable: Mistfall” to television. In collaboration with animation studios Ferly and Atmosphere Media, Prodanou will oversee creative duties on the interpolation episodic series, intended to enrich and expand the world of short form YouTube which premiered in 2020.

“We always intended to do a complete series”, says Prodanou Variety. “The 10 x 5 minute YouTube series we’ve already produced was a proof of concept and an exciting part of our development process. [The web series] got over 15 million views and incredible engagement from fans who expressed their desire for more.

“We will have a larger budget,” Prodanou says of the development project, which will be presented during the Cartoon Forum pitch session in Toulouse. “[That affords us the] ability to play with the animation style. I look forward to telling bigger, deeper stories that really dive into our characters’ relationships and adventures in 22-minute episodes.

The 2020 web series itself built on the world of “Star Stable Online”, a hugely popular equestrian multiplayer online game aimed at a younger female demographic. Today, the digital universe has 25 million registered users in 180 countries. Also created by Prodanou, the abridged series elevated the locations and characters of the online game while introducing viewers to new mysteries, heroes, and narrative paths.

Sharing the title of the web series, the long-form “Star Stable: Mistfall” will follow 14-year-old protagonist Skye Rowan, alongside her mythical fire horse, Blaze, and an expanded clan of rangers living on the isolated and mystical island. from Jorvik. Picking up where the previous iteration left off, the scripted series will explore the connections between Skye and Blaze, while also revealing new details about the heroine’s backstory.

Star Stable Entertainment

“I would like a wider audience to meet our heroine Star Stable,” says Prodanou. “And we have so many other stories to tell. “Mistfall” is a fantasy adventure series that’s all about friendship and the love of horses, but it’s also about finding out who you are. And for Skye, it’s a long journey!

As she develops her broadcast plan, the series creator wants to anchor the fantasy elements of her story into a visual style that’s closer to life. “A lot of anime characters have abnormally long and lean bodies and that’s definitely not the look we’re going for,” says Prodanou. “Diversity and Inclusiveness [is really important to us] and that means showcasing diverse body images and supporting body positivity.

“Besides being a short-term escape from real life, our goal is for the series to be authentic and accessible to children and tweens,” adds Prodanou. “[We plan] to challenge assumptions and inspire our audience to feel like a hero in their own adventures.

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