Stone Ocean Drops New look at Ermes


Jolyne Cujoh has a pretty weird booth in her section of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures story, as Stone Free allows her to transform herself and her partner into a series of ropes while having the power to unleash devastating blows. Perhaps stranger than Jolyne’s Stand are her allies’ Stands and with new episodes of Stone Ocean arriving September 1st, later this week the animated adaptation has given us a new look at Ermes Costello ahead of his return. animated adaptation.

Ermes Costello is one of Jolyne’s strongest and most trusted allies in the halls of Green Dolphin Street Penitentiary, not only because of the power of her Stand, Kiss, but also because of her deep knowledge of life. behind bars. Ermes acted as a powerful mentor to Cujoh during his early days in prison, and Costello was eventually given his own Stand with a very unique ability. Kiss can create “pads” that will split any object or person in half, and once the pad is removed the two parts will stick together creating an explosion that can cause severe damage to both the target and the the environment. their.

The official Twitter account of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure shared the new look at Ermes Costello ahead of his return alongside the new season of ocean of stone on Netflix, the series is also set to arrive on public television in Japan from October after its streaming debut later this week:

When we previously left Jolyne and her allies, the last member of the Joestars family found himself facing an even worse problem than clearing his name and surviving the battles of Stand, as his father Jotaro was made stealing his memories and his Stand by the villainous Pucci. With a dozen new episodes of the series arriving later this week, it looks like Stone Ocean Part 3 is inevitable if the anime series seeks to adapt all of the stories from the manga proper. Although part three hasn’t revealed an official release date, a recent Blu-Ray announcement could point to an arrival early next year.

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