Stranger Things, But It’s A Saturday Morning Cartoon Collection

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An image from “Steve and Dustin” by Pedro “Sugar Blood” Allevato.
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The last season of stranger things was rreleased throughout the summer of 2019, which, at this point, seems like an entirely different time in human history. With a fourth season now should arrive next monthNetflix found itself in need of both making us care about the show again and reminding us what happened on it by any means necessary.

To do this, it was decided to bring together different animation teams to show us what different times in the series’ past would look like if the Hawkins children were made of ink and paper.

Morning Stranger Cartoons includes six shorts that recreate scenes from the series in animation. There is a recap of season 1 (RIP Barb) by blind pig and another clip showing Hopper and Eleven descending to the lab portal in season two by Will Barras and Hush London. There is also a collaboration between Hush and Claudia Brugnaletti which depicts Will changing dimensions in an arcade from the opening episode of the same season, and Hopper writing a letter to – and reliving memories of his time with – Eleven by humor about fates. (The latter studio created an earlier tribute to stranger things in 2019 that reimagined as an 80s animated series.)

Our favorites are the bike chase hosted by Smog and the glacier scene by Pedro “Sugar Blood” Allevatoboth of which rely on the expressiveness of animation with fantastic and distinct art styles.

The video doesn’t exactly work as an in-depth reminder to help viewers catch up on where the show left off nearly three years ago, but it does serve as a reminder of some of the show’s best scenes.

As a pleasant side effect, the animated format also helps to mitigate the inevitable weirdness that is about to occur when we see the show’s children – little babies when they last dressed up in cosplay years ago. 80 – showing up for the last part of the series with full gray hair and crow’s feet. At least now, our most recent memories of the characters at the start of the new season will be cartoons that defy age and time.

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