Stranger Things season 4 surprises with Rick and Morty Easter Egg


Rick and Morty has become one of the most popular series on Adult Swim, with members of the Smith Clan even making their way to the latest Space Jam movie starring Lebron James, so it’s no surprise to see that the anime series is making its way to other series. Such is the case with Stranger Things on Netflix and its fourth season as it appears Hawkins has one of the Smith family members hiding within the borders of the Upside Down haunted city.

The Easter Egg in question takes place during the second episode of the fourth season of Stranger Things in which the band of young heroes currently living in Hawkins are looking for a certain “Rick” who has information in the video library in which Steve and Robin are. currently. work. While the gang are thankfully able to find the Rick they are looking for, there is another name on the list that fans of the Adult Swim series will find as it appears no one but Rick Sanchez has an account. on Hawkins’ Family Video.

Twitter user Burble Yuh was one of many stranger things fans on social media who were able to nab the Easter egg in the second episode of the fourth season, showcasing a very “blink and you’ll miss it” moment when it comes to confirming that the small town of Indiana actually has a Rick Sanchez of its own:

The first seven episodes of Stranger Things’ The fourth season has already arrived on Netflix, with the final two episodes of the season due to arrive in July. Although the series didn’t split the final season into two, the final episode is expected to be around two and a half hours long, making it a finale for the kids to Hawkins’ Last Battle in which they face off against a creepy figure who takes a page from Freddy Krueger in his reign of terror. Rick & Morty fans have yet to receive a release date for the sixth season of the surreal Adult Swim series, however.

What do you think of this hilarious Easter egg that brings the Adult Swim series into the world of Upside Down? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of Hawkins.


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