Stranger Things Season 4 Teaser Could Make The Comics Non-Canon


One of the most interesting aspects of Stranger Things is how the Dark Horse comics provided insight into Dr. Brenner and the MKUltra program in Hawkins, Indiana through books like Six (by Jody Houser, Edgar Salazar, Keith Champagne, Nate Piekos and Marissa Louise) and In the fire (by Jody Houser, Ryan Kelly, Le Beau Underwood, Nate Piekos and Triona Farrel). They went deep into the lab, which the three seasons on Netflix didn’t do as much, detailing other test subjects.

While the show brought in the illusionist Eight, the books dissected stories about telepaths, prokinetics, and mind controllers such as Three, Six, Nine, and 9.5. However, after the first eight minutes for Season 4 went live this week, given flashbacks to Brenner’s machinations, one has to wonder if the books are still canon.

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Flashbacks showed Brenner working with a young boy, Ten, on a guessing game similar to what was done with Eleven on the show. Unfortunately, Eleven went mad and killed other children, as well as Dr. Ellis. This is where the problems start. First, there’s a totally different Six in 1979 – a young boy that Ellis cared for. The comics had Six as Francine, a young redhead years before, but she died in 1978 in the lab. She was shot when Eleven’s mother, Terry Ives, came with a gun to bring Brenner’s daughter (then known as Jane) back. The show’s Wiki further stated that Six was replaced by this boy, so it seems that Brenner quickly found new subjects.

Still, one has to wonder why he’s so shredded in 1979 after losing children, and why the series omitted Three, Six, Nine, and 9.5 as runaways who escaped the program’s clutches. Also, it’s strange that he gave the designation of Six to a new person when he could have numbered them differently. You have to think that this could be a potential problem in terms of accounting, HR, and just remembering who Six did what. The books may have been ignored, or there may have been discrepancies in the narrative and subsequently errors between the publisher, Netflix, and the Duffers.

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Interestingly, there’s another issue with the comics having these other issues leaking out when Terry came to the lab in 1978 in Six. The show’s flashback was in Season 2 where fans saw a very young, long-haired Eleven playing with Kali. Yet this new clip a year later from his creepy Brenner has Eleven short-haired and much older.

So, reconciling the two timelines of the two mediums, it looks like Eleven has aged rapidly over the span of a year. Again, maybe his powers altered his body, or the more likely explanation – the comics aren’t really in continuity or at best loose in terms of timelines. Hopefully the rest of Season 4 answers those questions, but for now it’s best to take the comics with a pinch of salt.

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