Studio Trigger 10th Anniversary Q&A Live Blog


Anime Expo is down, and is here to give you up-to-date event information! Right now, Studio Trigger is back in Los Angeles celebrating their tenth anniversary with fans, and their first convention panel has begun. A live drawing is being drawn by Shigeto Koyama and Yoh Yoshinari, and we’ve got all the Q&A details you could want in the big panel below!

First, Yoshinari talks about Little Witch Academia. A fan wants to know if new merchandise will be released for the anime despite it being released years ago. Specifically, they want an old coffee mug from the anime, and Yoshinari says there must be an old mug in the office if anyone wants to visit Japan to get it.

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Asked about Studio Trigger’s own vision for Star Wars, the team is asked to pitch their own trilogy. The band are happy to hear the praise as they said the original Star Wars Vision short got mixed reviews. Turns out the panelists are big Star Wars fans and have a ton of ideas for Trigger’s Star Wars pitch.

It’s a field. They wanted to do an anime with Wookies. An episode about a Wookie girl, and Studio Trigger tells everyone not to steal the idea. The anime would follow a teenage Wookie girl as she goes on an adventure across the galaxy. The team isn’t sure if that’s enough for a trilogy, but they want to pursue the idea.

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The team is asked what kind of project they want to do next. The studio admits they’re obsessed with cooking, so the idea of ​​a Trigger Taco Truck suits them just fine. However, this logistics is difficult to put in place.

Shin Ultraman is working with McDonalds and the Trigger team is jealous. They want to be able to collaborate with the fast food chain on a future anime. So if you ever wanted a Promare Happy Meal, it could happen.

A Fortnite collab? Studio Trigger wants to design a battle suit or skin for the game. Someone in the audience works for Epic Games and is determined to shake things up.

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The Trigger team is asked if the studio plans to collaborate with others on any projects in the near future, whether it’s shows or video games. The crew says nothing is planned, but some offers have been made for mobile games. These titles are very important in Japan, so the team thinks about it.

Another question raises how Disney and Cartoon Network have referenced Studio Trigger animation so far. Other anime series like My Hero Academia nodded. The team is asked how Western animation, if any, is influencing Trigger artists with their own work or upcoming titles. They say the artists are under a lot of influence from outside sources, but it’s not just cartoons. They take whatever they perceive as good and incorporate it for inspiration. Studio Trigger says they take inspiration not just from Western cartoons, but from media as a whole.

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When asked about the second season of Inferno Cop, the Trigger team is silent. The team says they should find a direction to pick up a sequel if the studio were to order a sequel. They really wanted to do a second season, but a series of unfortunate events prevented it from happening. Studio Trigger hopes this could happen if the right creative team were assembled.

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The group is asked how they design the mecha for the anime. The Studio Trigger team says the silhouette is often the most important. Artists need to know the robot’s volume and mass before giving it a personality. Director Imaishi often gives the initial idea, and Yoshinari says the idea is often very rudimentary. Like, the most basic sketch. Yoshinari then has to think long and hard about how to turn the work into a robot, but drafts are made and redone until a final product is decided. Yoshinari compares Imaishi’s art to a Rorshach test, so you can imagine that!

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After answering a fan’s question, the group Trigger asks if fans want them to make a super sexy old kung fu anime in the vein of Kill la Kill. Obviously, the team laughs on stage. The team says they will let director Hiroyuki Imaishi know about the land as long as no one complains about the land being used.

The next question is about Little Witch Academia. The team is asked how the studio handled the project’s unique animation and the team says that Yoshinari dove into his own preferences as he loves classic animation.

The band shows Yoshinari’s live drawing of Lucy from Cyberpunk Edgerunners.

The team travels to discuss the anime’s use of homages and references. Studio Trigger says the show is a refreshingly new project in its catalog. It’s meant to signal the start of a new era for Studio Trigger, and the team can’t wait to see how fans react to the adaptation.



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