Stunning Minecraft animation shows the player being chased by a guardian


When players think of Minecraft, usually their first thoughts are anything but terror. After all, Minecraft has cultivated a glowing image of accessibility, simplicity, and nearly limitless creativity, providing an experience that gamers of all ages can enjoy.

Contrary to this, over time the game has become more and more of a horror experience for players, especially when mobs start appearing at night. Being hit by a rogue skeleton arrow, being surrounded by a horde of zombies that seem to appear out of nowhere, accidentally locking an Enderman’s eyes, or hearing the infamous hiss of a nearby Creeper are enough to put any nervous player. Fans of the game were so struck by these scary monsters that some created art out of them, like a terrifying Minecraft Creeper sculpture.


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However, one of the newest monsters in the game has very quickly become one of the most infamous, as its terrifying looks, sounds, and abilities make it an absolute threat to all cave explorers. Called the keeper, the Minecraft mob is a walking natural disaster: it is a large blue-green humanoid creature that restricts sight and can track players by sound. It’s also incredibly difficult to kill, and even when a player manages to kill it, it has the ability to quickly respawn and start hunting the player again. Naturally, this recently led to an animator showing the director chasing Steve through caves in a chilling video.

Reddit user Flameburnt1234 was the animator responsible for capturing the Guardian in terrifying detail. Immediately their interpretation of the creature stands out: its hands have no skin, showing skeletal fingers; his limbs are massive and appear to be made of vine or sinew, giving a sense of strength as well as decay; and his face and stomach are both black holes, with the stomach showing exposed, sharp ribs. Just like an artist’s interpretation of the Minecraft Warden, the creature depicted in the animation is absolute nightmare fuel.

The tragic thing about Flameburnt1234’s interpretation of the Guardian is that it looks like an interpretation of what the monster could be, rather than what it is. In the game, the guardian is certainly scary, but this is mainly due to his abilities. Its actual appearance is a little disconcerting, but MinecraftThe terrifying Enderman mob is arguably the scariest mob due to its spindly appearance and rage state. If the guardian model were updated to make it larger or perhaps more detailed, it would give every mob a run for its money, but as of now the mob is a bulky, stocky humanoid.

Minecraft has always been limited by its blocky design space, but the Guardian could always use a new, scarier model to better mimic its terrifying nature. Until then, the guardian will continue to stalk caves and tunnels, waiting for unsuspecting players to enter his domain.

Minecraft is now available for Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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