Super Mario Bros movie will address Mario’s tagline


The upcoming Super Mario Bros. will address the somewhat tricky issue of the stereotypical Italian accent and Mario’s slogan, the producer said.

Nintendo’s upcoming animated adaptation of Super Mario Bros. will apparently approach Mario’s tagline without focusing on it. The beloved video game character has been a Nintendo staple since his first appearance in the 1981s Donkey Kong. Along the way, Mario endorsed a wide variety of characters and appeared in countless games, comics, cartoons and merchandise associated with the Super Mario franchise and Nintendo as a whole.

Yet despite the success of the character and the extended family of characters seen in the Super Mario games, it’s somewhat surprising that the games haven’t given way to a blockbuster movie franchise. The reasons for this are arguably two-fold in that Nintendo is notoriously strict about how their licensing rights are granted, but also because the previous time a super mario bros. the film was released outside of Japan, it brought disaster. 1993 live-action super mario bros. is still hated by many even today, and its cast was notoriously critical of the film in the years since its release. But as horrible as the movie was, it managed to make it clear that the next time the game’s franchise was adapted, the best option would be to tackle the world of Mario and his brother Luigi through animation.


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And so the next Super Mario Bros. film will mark the first time that Mario et co. will appear as animated characters in a feature film released in theaters outside of Japan. However, given that Mario is a somewhat stereotypical caricature of an Italian man, the use of his famous slogan “That’s me, Mario! Was bound to be a challenge. As The Envelope reports, Mario’s voice in the new film, Chris Pratt, will not attempt to emulate the voice previously used by Mario, nor will he use the aforementioned tagline. Instead, the tagline will be referenced, but it won’t be a major aspect of Mario’s character. One of the film’s producers, Chris Meledandri, said of Mario and his tagline:

“We cover it in the movie, so you’ll see that we definitely bow our heads to it, but that’s not the tenor of the performance throughout the movie. All I can tell you is that the voice what he does for us, and for Mario, is phenomenal Yes, I can’t wait for people to hear him.

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Hearing Pratt already praised for his work on the film is a refreshing change of pace for some, as the announcement that he would voice Mario has drawn significant criticism. Die-hard fans may take offense that the tagline isn’t an important feature of the character, but it’s worth pointing out that if Pratt had followed him, there would have been every reason to believe the decision would have ultimately hurt the film. Stereotypical representations of race, gender or culture have no place in entertainment, and as Super Mario Bros. The film aims to target as large a demographic as possible: “It’s me, Mario! Was not something that had to be carried away with the adaptation.

As to how the tagline will be recognized without being a goal, it’s hard to say, but it looks like Pratt is working to bring the character to a new generation. This could end up causing further disdain for the Jurassic World the cast of the star of Mario. After all, changing anything about a famous character is a very risky decision, and whatever Pratt comes up with won’t be the same as what’s been in place for over 40 years. At the very least, however, Mario’s famous catchphrase will have a place in Super Mario Bros. The exact way that this plays out could very well help determine the success or failure of the film.

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Source: The envelope

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