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Superman has graced the big and small screen many times over the past 70 years. Various actors have taken on the role, with the cape’s current manager being Superman and Lois star (and comic book lover) Tyler Hoechlin. Superman and LawIts been praised by fans and critics alike for its take on the Man of Steel, with its visuals, characters, and themes making it the best part of the Arrowverse.

The show follows Clark Kent and Lois Lane’s journey of raising two teenage sons – showcasing the struggles of family life that many audience members can relate to, with the added struggle of your father being Superman. Hoechlin’s Superman has already been introduced in the second season of super girl in 2016, her character’s popularity culminating in her own series. Since the beginning of Superman and LoisHoechlin’s version of Clark received even more praise, but how does he compare to previous actors and could he be TV’s best Man of Steel?

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How many Superman TV series have there been?

Superman and Lois Lane

There have been many television adaptations of Superman starting with The Adventures of Superman (1952-1958). The show starred George Reeves as the title character and ran for six seasons. It proved to be incredibly popular and is still remembered today, with Reeves perfectly embodying the classic “truth, justice and American style” philosophy.

Superman would take a 30-year hiatus from the small screen before returning to super boy (1988-1992), which focused on a young Clark Kent’s early adventures as the Man of Steel, played by John Haymes Newton in season 1 and Gerard Christopher for seasons 2-4. This series was cut short by a legal dispute and followed by Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1993-1997), which aired for four seasons and starred Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher (who would also appear in super girl).

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Lois and Clark was keen to establish Clark as the dominant character and Superman as the disguise – the first live-action adaptation to do so, setting a precedent for most subsequent versions of the character. Lois and Clark blended the romance, comedy, action and fun of the comic book genre to create a hit television series that is probably the most well-known small-screen version of Superman. However, while Cain portrayed a very good Clark Kent, his Superman often lacked the presence and authority that such an iconic character should have.

In 2001 Smallville began airing on The WB (the network that would become The CW) focusing on Clark Kent’s teenage years, before he became Superman. The show had a famous “no tights, no flights” rule, meaning viewers never fully saw this version of Clark in the Superman costume until the finale (and that was just that). briefly). The show aired for 10 seasons and Tom Welling was also heavily embraced by Superman fans. The actor is still connected to the character, as he is currently developing an animated series in Smallville continuity.

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Do Superman & Lois have the best Superman on TV?


From the first minutes of Superman and Lois, Tyler Hoechlin explains what audiences expect from Man of Steel. Hoechlin’s optimism as Superman and his humanity as Clark Kent show everything Superman is meant to be. He’s hopeful, albeit troubled at times, but not at the cost of altering the character. The series shows how Clark struggles to divide his time between saving the world and doing what’s best for his family. Hoechlin has a strong screen presence, echoing the heroic nature displayed by George Reeves while following Cain and Welling in showing off Clark’s endearing personality.

What the actor does best is separate the distinct personalities of Superman and Clark Kent. His hero has many different aspects – the real version with his close friends and family, the bumbling and wholesome journalist he shows the world, and finally Superman. Hoechlin makes it believable that Clark and Superman are different people in a way that no other actor has accomplished in any previous series. This achievement is what makes him the best Superman on television, and with Superman and Lois recently renewed for season 3, it will be able to fly at least a little longer.

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