Supriya Pathak @ 60: How “Hansa” stood out in the days of Tulsi, Parvati, Prerna


For those who have watched Indian TV’s most successful sitcom, Khichdi, this line will bring a lot of memories. As I write this I can only imagine a bubbly and cute Supriya Pathak asking, “Hello, how are you, khaana khaa ke jaana, haan”. The seasoned actress is currently leading the way in the digital space. Audiences can’t help but raving about her performance in SonyLIV’s Tabbar. This is probably when Pathak begins to flex his acting muscles, as female characters are now more than just a prop in the narrative of movies and web shows. In her own words, she gets “a more interesting job than when I was a young girl.”

The veteran actor, who has practiced the profession for nearly four decades, had an illustrious year 2021. His films Ramprasad Ki Tehrvi, Mimi, Toofaan and Rashmi Rocket, hit OTT platforms and showcased his acting prowess . Despite several landmark performances, for many millennials like me, the name Supriya Pathak will always be synonymous with her character Hansa Praful Parekh.

Hansa and Praful made the perfect couple onscreen. (Express archive photo)

Hansa from Pathak is one of the most unforgettable TV characters for any kid of the 90s. She’s a character who is as funny today as he was 19 years ago when we first met her. times with her equally funny and adorable husband Praful on our TV sets. She laughed at Praful’s dumbest jokes, fussed over if her bracelets didn’t match her sari, and asked many questions about the English words, leaving “babuji” exasperated and the audience amused. She was happy to be nonchalant and oblivious to stressful situations in life.

Supriya pathak lived the character in a way that it is still difficult to dissociate from him today. While not the quintessential TV bahu, she was a TV housewife like no other. As Tulsi and Parvati were busy dealing with one calamity after another in their on-screen lives, she made her laugh every day. You couldn’t look away from her when she said, “Ayee Prafulll ..” As much as viewers were happy to watch Hansa, even Pathak was the “happiest” to play the character. “I love Hansa, yeah I know she’s stupid and we worked her that way but I love playing the part. I think I’m the happiest playing Hansa,” she said. in a previous interview.

Too bad they don’t create characters like Hansa anymore.

Now, as I return to Hansa and his hilarious one-liners, I leave you with an epic Hansa-Praful conversation that might have you revisiting Khichdi right away (on Disney + Hotstar, if you’re looking):

Hansa: “Aye Prafulll… Matlab of delicacy?” “

Praful: “Hansaaaa delicacy. Hum jab Delhi cheer the toh tumne kya bola tha?

Hansa: “Delhi dekh ke maine kya bola?” Maine bola tha ‘yeh delhi kaisi jagah hai’ .. delhi kaisi… ohhh delicacy !! ”


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