Suzy Chan’s new comic-inspired font has all the drama and character of a manga strip


Although she was never a big reader of manga, creator Suzy Chan has always been seduced by its “richness of expression”. After moving to Germany last year, Suzy found herself surrounded by several large comic book stores and ended up buying comics that visually appealed to her. she adds with a laugh. Quickly becoming fascinated with the fonts used throughout, Suzy began to craft a few questions in her head: “What if the font becomes dominant enough, and then pushes other comic elements out of space and makes itself the main character ; a comic font? Not a font with a comic style, but the font as a comic itself. So how would each letter have a different personality? It was these thoughts that led to his outstanding, maximalist Suzy, Oops-style typeface.

Bold, blocky, abstract and fun, the typeface has all the drama and character of a manga strip. One of the main stylistic elements that Suzy borrowed from the comic book art form was her use of lines. A diverse use of line making is an integral part of comic book illustration. As Suzy explains, it should be “an important tool for expressing emotions”. Coming in such a variety of possibilities – “sweet, angry, intense, frothy” – Suzy found herself trying mostly different line shapes. Interestingly, Suzy chose analog methods for the early stages of the project, getting her hands dirty through line painting with physical brushes. But the process wasn’t always easy, and the early days involved quite a bit of trial and error. “Some [letters] succeed, some fail,” Suzy shares, “For example, the letter A stands for alpha; his image is arrogant and his line contrast is relatively low. Always stand firm.


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