The Animated Series Gets a New 30th Anniversary McFarlane Figure


Batman: The Animated Series is not only considered the gold standard of the superhero genre in animation, but many fans still consider its Dark Deco universe to be the definitive version of The Dark Knight. This historic series turns 30 in September and now McFarlane Toys is releasing a new DC Multiverse BTA figure to honor this particular Batman.

This New York Comic Con exclusive Gold Label figure will be available at Target and is a new version of McFarlane’s animated Batman figure that they released a few years ago. However, it is not a simple reprint of an old figure. This new variant comes with a massive light base that emulates the ending of the iconic opening title sequence where Batman is seen on top of a massive skyscraper, only being lit by a well-timed lightning strike . Like this epic shot, the figure’s cape blows in the wind and cel-shaded paint has been added to mimic the heavy shadows found throughout the show. Additionally, the figure also comes with McFarlane’s standard base, grapple gun, batarang, and a pair of interchangeable hands.


However, that’s somehow not the best part because the trading card that comes with the figure is signed by the co-creator of the series. Bruce Tim. Timm is a big reason why BTA is so iconic. Not only is he the mastermind behind all of the show’s character designs, but he also directed the legendary episodes “The Man Who Killed Batman”, “The Laughing Fish”, “Day of the Samurai”, and “Heart of Ice”. . . The latter won the show its first Emmy and completely reinvented Mr. Freeze as the likeable villain we know him today. On top of that, Timm co-directed the theater cult classic Batman: Mask of Phantasm with other series co-creators Eric Radomsky. Although this movie bombed at the box office, it’s considered one of the best Batman stories ever told, and it’s one of the most tragic love stories ever filmed.

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What makes this figure particularly cool is that it’s a multi-layered love letter to a series that forever changed the character of Batman. BTA was more than a Saturday morning cartoon. From its jaw-dropping animation to Shirley Walkerthe criminally underrated musical score of the flawless vocal cast, BTA took the best elements of Batman and created something that still looks fresh to this day. It told important and meaningful stories for all ages, despite its format. So there is Kevin Conroy whose brilliant Batman voice hasn’t lost a beat in the 30 years he’s played the character.

You can pre-order the new 30th anniversary BTA appear on Target website for $49.99 and watch Todd McFarlane outline itself the figure below. There will be two versions of this figurine. One that is signed by Timm and one that is not. While you wait for NYCC and this epic figure to come out, you can stream Batman: The Animated Series in its entirety on HBO Max now.


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