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Young justice debuted in 2010, introducing fans to a group of teenage superheroes desperate to become themselves. Over the years, the team have become heroes in their own right, learning from every mistake and remaining impressive and entertaining themselves.

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Currently airing its fourth season, the series has amassed a loyal army of followers over the years. Every fan has their favorite character, but some are definitely more popular than others. Indeed, the most endearing characters of Young justice stand out because of their personalities and overall entertainment value.

ten Forage

Forager wearing his helmet in Young Justice

Sweet and unpretentious, Forager was a beacon of light and hope during the particularly dark third season. His arrival brought a sense of whimsy and innocence to the team, providing plenty of light and comedic moments amid all the intergalactic wars and metahuman trafficking.

Forager’s schtick could quickly get boring, and the show is likely to abuse him for the first half of the season. Fortunately, once he joins the team, the dynamic between him and the other characters becomes more balanced, allowing his wholesomeness to shine even more.

9 Rocket

Rocket Young Justice

As a cartoon made for teenagers, Young justice does not hesitate to deal with innovative subjects. Rocket is a single mom who manages to balance her heroic life by taking care of her child in the comics. The show featured his son, Amistad, in foreigners, and Ghosts will surely provide more details about her life at home.

Rocket is deeply committed to her role as Justice Leaguer and isn’t afraid of a good fight. However, she is underdeveloped compared to the other characters, but she shows so much promise based on her interactions with others, especially Zatanna. Rocket’s inclusion in GhostThe opening credits of hints at a starring role in season four, which means fans will finally get to see her do well.


8 Black Lightning

Young Justice Black Lightning Batman Nightwing

foreigners introduces a slew of new characters, including the mighty Black Lightning. He is one of Dick’s most important allies, appearing in almost every episode of the season and becoming the moral center of the series. Black Lightning also possesses some of the best powers in the series, standing out in the ever-sprawling world of Young justice.

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Jefferson is one of strangers most tragic figures. He goes through hell and returns during the season, suffering considerable loss and betrayal and winning the sympathy and respect of the public. Despite the challenges, Jefferson remains steadfast, maintaining his integrity even when everyone seems willing to compromise their morals for the sake of “the mission.”

7 Zatanna

Zatanna Young Justice

Known around the world as one of the most powerful magic users in the DC Universe, Zatanna debuted midway through the first season of Young justice and quickly became a star thanks to her bubbly and contagious personality. Her flirtatious relationship with Robin also captured the hearts of the public, and fans rejoiced when the two kissed in the season finale. Zatanna plays in some Young justice‘s best moments before the five-year time jump, cementing her place as a fan favorite.

Zatanna’s role has become almost minimal in Invasion and foreigners. However, she will make her triumphant return as a leading actor in Ghosts. His arc will begin shortly, possibly as soon as Artemis’ arc is over. With the tease that Klarion will return as well, fans can’t wait to see these two foes go head-to-head once again.

6 Aquaman

Kaldur Aquaman in Young Justice Outsiders

Kaldu’ahm is the leader of the team throughout the first season. He is a stoic and dedicated Atlantean, a balanced leader who has the best interests of his team at heart. Kaldur experiences significant growth throughout the seasons, and he even spends most of Invasion Black Manta’s secret organization to learn more about the main antagonists of the series, The Light.

In season three, Kaldur is the new Aquaman and one of the leaders of the Justice League. Of all the characters on the show, Kaldur changes the most, but he remains as determined and mature as ever. Kaldur is a born leader and the audience applauds every time he takes a new step. Season three features his sweetheart, a young Atlantean man named Wyynde, making Kaldur one of DC’s fan favorite LGBTQ + superheroes.

5 Super Boy

Superboy with Beast Boy on his shoulder in Young Justice

Though he started out as a raging living weapon, Superboy slowly grew into an empathetic and almost gentle leader, much like Big Blue himself. Despite his otherworldly abilities, Superboy is one of the closest characters to the show as he represents the familiar and almost universal feeling of being a watching stranger.

His relationship with Miss Martian is also a favorite with fans around the world, who were eager to see these two finally tie the knot in season four. Hearts were shattered simultaneously when he apparently died trying to save Mars from a bomb in Ghosts fourth episode. Still, things are rarely what they appear to be on the show, and whether or not Superboy is dead remains one of the biggest questions fans have. Young justice.

4 Miss Martian

Miss Martian animated in the desert

Miss Martian is arguably the most powerful member of the team, but she’s also remarkably human. She is gentle, empathetic, kind and ready to lend a hand. M’Gann made some serious mistakes in the second season, but she grew from them, rising above them to become a bona fide leader and mentor.

M’Gann is the show’s mother figure, acting as a sort of step-parent to Beast Boy and a constant guide to the youngest superheroes on the team. Like all the other characters in Young justice, M’Gann keeps changing and evolving. She is currently going through the darkest period of her life, mourning Conner’s death. Ghosts won’t make things any easier for M’Gann in the future, but fans know she will find her way back to the light.

3 Flash Child

Wally West in his Kid Flash costume standing in the snow and smiling in Young Justice

It’s a testament to his great popularity that Kid Flash remains an absolute fan favorite, despite his 10-year death. Featured as the class clown of the team, Young justice‘s Wally West quickly made an impression with his fun jokes, charm and nonstop demeanor. Child at heart, Wally’s romance with Artemis surprised viewers, but everyone jumped aboard the ship and didn’t look back.

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Wally sacrifices himself in the season two finale, saving the world and leaving behind a heartbroken Artemis. His toilet touches Dick in a significant way as well, as the two were childhood friends. Wally’s absence is keenly felt throughout foreigners, leading many viewers to hope that he returns in season four. And while nothing is certain, hope dies last, and Wally’s return would make millions of people very happy.

2 Tigress

Tigress throwing a punch in Young Justice

In many ways, Artemis Crock is the audience’s surrogate in Young justice. When she joins the team, she keeps her past a secret, fearing the reaction of others. She grows to trust others along the way, just as audiences learn to take care of the characters. In season three, Artemis is a respected and confident leader and a prime candidate to lead the team.

Ghosts Currently airing the Artemis Arc, a spy story that showcases all of its best qualities. Artemis is a true empath, a leader who leaves no one behind. Despite her traumatic childhood and the loss of the love of her life, she maintains her faith in others. She is willing to risk her life by trusting Onyx and Cassandra and continues to believe in her sister, despite Jade’s constant betrayals, thereby earning the love of the public.

1 Night wing

Dick Grayson is Young justicethe secret weapon of. He is the ultimate leader of the series despite his reluctance to act as such. Like his mentor, Dick is ready to make the tough choices but stays pure of heart. As the most seasoned member of the team, Dick could easily represent all that is wrong in the life of a superhero. Instead, he fights those urges, inspiring others to do the same.

Young justice avoids showing off the many messed up things Nightwing goes through in the comics. However, he doesn’t back down from the tragedies and traumas of Dick’s past. Much like his comic book counterpart, Dick’s greatest strength is his unwavering willpower. He doesn’t have any superpowers or incredible abilities, but he has an unbeatable desire to do good and help others.

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