The Boys Makes a Major Change to One Character’s Backstory


The boys revealed a major change in the backstory and origin of a key character in the series. Billy Butcher’s (Karl Urban) closest ally and teammate has always been Marvin T. Milk, aka Mother’s Milk (Laz Alonso). MM’s reasons for hating “supes” have been as personal as Butcher’s – though the specific reasons he had for this scorching revenge have remained under wraps – until now. The boys‘ The infamous ‘Herogasm’ episode threw a lot at us, but amid all the awesome porn and carnage of the biggest tag team battle the show has ever had, we also learn a key part of the origin by Mother’s Milk

…And it has nothing to do with the comics.

In the original version The boys comics, Mother’s Milk (who never reveals her real name) joins Butcher’s gang to exact revenge on Vought. MM was raised in Harlem in a poor working-class family; his mother worked in a factory that was once owned by Vought. When MM’s mother (and many other women) became infected with trace amounts of chemicals in the plant, it led to MM and her brother being born with Compound V in her blood. While MM was fine, his brother was left mentally disabled and eventually died from exposure to Compound V. MM gained enhanced powers and a major chip on his soldier – which Butcher used in his campaign against Vought.

The boys A TV show told us that MM’s father was obsessed with using legal means to take down Vought – a mission he continued until his death at his desk. Additional seasons slowly opened the door to the deeper trauma that actually happened and left MM with OCD and a shattered personal life; in Season 3, it was revealed that it was Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) who was directly responsible for MM’s pain.

In “Herogasm”, MM confides in Starlight that he was once a carefree kid from Harlem who loved superheroes. In fact, the night Marvin saw Soldier Boy fight outside his window, he was so thrilled he woke up his grandfather to see the hero in action. Soldier Boy carelessly threw a car into Marvin’s house, killing his grandfather instantly. Because he felt responsible for his grandfather’s death, Marvin was traumatized and his OCD began. Marvin’s father couldn’t drop the case and began to seek justice which he never got.

The boys The TV series continues to elevate aspects of the more depraved and irreverent comic book that launched it. It was a big spotlight for Laz Alonso, which makes Mother’s Milk a much richer and more complex character to watch.

The boys Season 3 is streaming on Prime Video.


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