The Day – Reasons for Biden’s Low Approval Rates


A recent letter to the editor regarding President Biden’s low approval ratings pointed out that higher economic output, lower unemployment rates and stock markets at record highs should lead to higher ratings and that fake news is the reason the odds are low. But: One of the first things President Biden did was shut down the Keystone pipeline, which resulted in higher prices for filling our cars and heating our homes. He single-handedly overthrew America’s energy independence.

In addition, he ordered the immediate end of the construction of the border wall, handcuffed the border patrol and allowed illegal people, drugs and guns to enter our country. I agree that America should be a welcoming place, but when I think about how my ancestors came to the country – filling out the proper paperwork, waiting for the deal, putting on their work clothes and contributing to society … the current situation is a slap in the face to all who have come to this country the right way!

President Biden’s $ 5,000 billion “Build Back Better” program isn’t right for most people … and his lack of leadership on lawlessness, education issues and COVID has not won favor. many voters.

Gary Young



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