The death of a major character to come in “Death Falls”


The death of a major character is approaching the flash. While the idea of ​​someone close to Team Flash dying in Season 8 isn’t new – showrunner Eric Wallace has previously teased that the events of Season 8 will drastically change Team Flash going forward and the title of an upcoming episode is literally “Funeral For a Friend” — TV line confirms that a major character will die in “Death Falls” next week. According to the outlet, the character’s death will come despite Team Flash’s best efforts to stop Deathstorm, though the exact person who will die remains a surprise.

Of course, after this week’s “Death Rises,” fans have already started speculating that the flash possibly preparing to kill one of the last remaining members of the original Team Flash, specifically Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker). This week’s episode saw Deathstorm’s (Robbie Amell) plan revealed, with that plan being to make Caitlin his bride in order to end his own loneliness. He even managed to go so far as to kidnap Caitlin to start the process, but she wasn’t quite ready yet, but given the amount of grief that seems to be inside Caitlin after the encounter, as well as the physical pain she is experiencing, it is safe to say that the transformation is underway.

Killing Caitlin would be a blow to Team Flash, one that would certainly suit the permanent changes Wallace teased for the season after “Armageddon.”

“We’re going to explore that and work through that throughout the season, but we’re still sticking to our graphic novel format,” Wallace said of Iris’ time-sickness. “So ‘Armageddon’ was the first graphic novel of Season 8, and then we have our first interlude episode as we like to call them – those are more standalone episodes, and we’ll have a few. And then our next graphic novel will kick off in the middle of the season with a brand new Big Bad. And there will actually be another one at the end of the season. We’re going to try something new this year with three graphic novels. We’re gonna see how much action we can put into Season 8. It’s going to be a very wild ride, but I have to warn people that what happens emotionally is going to change Team Flash permanently. And I’m not kidding.

the flash airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW. “Death Falls” will air on May 4.


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