The director of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate reveals which character announcement was the most “shocking”


Super Smash Bros Ultimate Director Masahiro Sakurai recently revealed which character announcement for the popular fighting game series he found the most surprising. For a long time, the Super Smash Bros. from Nintendo has added many different characters from a large number of video game franchises. And while some of these announcements are the ones fans saw coming, others were completely out of left field. Now Sakurai himself has leaked what character addition to Super Smash Bros. he still can’t believe.

In a new blog post, Sakurai detailed the many different fighter announcements that have taken place in the Super Smash Bros. series. over the years. Specifically, Sakurai broke down the revelations that happened with Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DSwhich are the two entries that appeared before Ultimate. Speaking of these games, Sakurai said that the 2015 reveal of Square Enix’s Cloud Final Fantasy VII is still the single ad he finds the most confusing.

“Cloud’s reveal was shocking, even thinking back on it now,” Sakurai said of the announcement. He then talked about what it was like to edit Cloud’s reveal trailer, saying, “We took an unusual amount of time with the opening part, making it quiet and still, reminiscent of the opening of the original game. While there would be something new regardless of the fighter pairing, there were a lot of references included, like stages, and that made it a bit longer than other DLC videos.”

In all likelihood, many fans probably agree with Sakurai that Cloud’s reveal in Super Smash Bros. was one of the most surprising announcements in the series’ history. The addition of Cloud was amazing for a number of reasons, perhaps most notably because the game he came from, Final Fantasy VII, never even appeared on a Nintendo platform (although that is no longer true). Seeing a character widely associated with a PlayStation platform arrive in a Nintendo game showed that Sakurai and those who worked on Super Smash Bros. were really doing their due diligence to bring in new fighters that fans wanted to see before anyone else.

Which character reveal for Super Smash Bros. do you think? was the most shocking? Let me know for yourself in the comments or you can message me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.


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