The disappointing finale of the Teen Titans series has a happy ending in the comics


While the show’s final season ending may have been disappointing, the Teen Titans comic actually continued the story to give a happy ending.

Fans of the hit 2003 series Teen Titans may be surprised to learn that the disappointing series finale actually had a sequel in the comics that gave it a happy ending. From 2003 to 2006, Teen Titans aired on Cartoon Network and is a series that has continued to grow in fanbase. after it was abruptly canceled after fifth seasonfans took issue with the episode which served as the series finale, Things changewhich reintroduced a fan-favorite character, Terra, with a mystery behind her surprising return after becoming a statue in season 2. For years, the finale has been criticized by fans for being disappointing and not being a satisfying conclusion , but they’ll be surprised to know there’s actually an ending in the comics, and it’s incredibly satisfying.


Released alongside the main series, The Teen Titans Go! was a comedy series that gave Titans solo adventures while maintaining the series’ established universe. For the most part, it would remain its own thing, but J. Torres’ #51 picks up shortly after the series finale. It introduces Geoforce, Terra’s brother, who comes to Titans Tower to find his sister. There, he recounts his past as a princess of Markovia before escaping after experiments gave him the ability to manipulate the earth. He is shocked to learn that she left after the Titans explained to him what happened, until Beast Boy speaks up and tells him where she is.

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When Geoforce and Beast Boy arrive at the school in Terra, he is initially overjoyed to see his sister again. However, when he notices that she is happy among a group of friends, he makes no move to talk to her. “She looks happy“, he says to him, “I can’t even remember the last time I saw her smile. With that, he and Beast Boy leave her alone as Terra watches after seeing him fly away and smiles. surprising conclusion of the series because it gives a certain conclusion to where Things change leave behind. This may not answer the question of why Terra is back, but it still closes the book on Terra by finally closing all loose ties and allowing her to have a new life away from Slade, the Titans and other memorabilia from his past.

Geoforce sees Terra at school

What this new ending does best is highlight why Terra is such a great character. She has changed drastically from her original comic book form by becoming more of a tragic antihero rather than a full-fledged supervillain. Much interest in her character comes from her constant shifting between good and evil as she deals with the difficult life given to her. She betrayed the Titans after gaining their trust and breaking Beast Boy’s heart. His last sacrifice in Season 2 therefore earned him major redemption after his downfall. The comics provide him with much-needed relief from the tragedy that surrounds his character. She is now happy with who she is, and Geoforce knows that keeping her isolated from her past will help her grow into her own person. Her character has finally come full circle, as has her connection to the Teen Titans.

Number 51 of The Teen Titans Go! may not completely fill in the gaps left by the show’s abrupt cancellation, but it does provide a satisfying ending that fans should check out. It’s been years since the series aired, but it’s an epilogue that’s been largely glossed over as a review for Things change keep going up. This is a comic well worth the search for everything Teen Titans fan, especially for readers who love Terra. The original finale may have been disappointing, but the comics give it a happy ending and bring Teen Titansone of the best superhero shows, a satisfying ending.

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