The first season episode of Euphoria season 2 has arrived


TV shows have gotten more and more daring over the years when it comes to portraying high school kids. What would have been the darkest concepts in Pretty little Liars pale compared to the granularity of the emissions as Euphoria. Its first season won over critics for its refusal to hold back when it tackles topics such as drug addiction and sexuality, all of which center on Emmy Award-winning performances. the Euphoria The Season 2 premiere is finally here, but we’re not sure if Zendaya is enough to keep us going around this time.

Euphoria Season 2 Premiere Gets Us Used With Zendaya, Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll

HBO released Season 1 of Euphoria in 2019. He focused on Zendaya Street Bennett, a high school student struggling with mental illness and addiction issues. She falls in love with a new student Jules (Hunter Schafter) and must learn the so common problem with teenage girls of putting your love life above all else until you are completely dependent on them.

Equally exciting is the supporting cast, with characters like Maddy (Alexa Demie) and Cassie (Sydney Sweeney) and Kat (Barbie Ferreira) showcasing different types of women trying to get ahead in the world while owning their sexuality. But despite all the glitz and the party music, darkness is not far away. Jacob Elordi’s Nate Jacobs towers over the rest and gives us one of the most terrifying villains of all recent teen drama.

Euphoria’s first season ended with Rue and Jules reluctantly breaking up, Rue deciding to work harder to recover from drug use. Two special episodes, “Trouble Don’t Always Last” and “F *** Someone Who’s Not a Sea Blob,” followed them after the split. These are great character studies, but ultimately did little to advance the plot.

The eagerly awaited Euphoria The Season 2 premiere was hoping to answer a few questions, but we’re not addicted yet (although Zendaya is still awesome as ever.)

The first episode back to Euphoria Is typical Sam Levinson

A common theme from series creator Sam Levinson is putting a lot of emphasis on things like cinematography and overall aesthetics. We saw it recently in 2019 Malcolm & Marie, a pretentious romantic drama starring euphoria very clean Zendaya. Season 1 of the series was filled with it. Makeup looks lonely elevated the spectacle, filling the screen with sparks and color. The visual effects did the same.

The Season 2 premiere of Euphoria promises more of the same. The music is intoxicating, the vibrations impeccable. But when it comes to content, things get dizzying.

The episode opens with a story about fan favorite Fezco (Angus Cloud), revealing his journey from child to drug dealer. It’s New Years Eve these days, and it starts with nerve-wracking drug use. The best place to go next is a party, which is where the rest of the episode stays.

As expected, the Euphoria the first features a lot of drug use and relationship dramas between the characters. Everyone’s back from Season 1, and we’ve got some new faces too. Newcomer to the series, Dominic Fike’s Elliot, has little screen time but fits in perfectly with the team.

Euphoria season 2 premiere Image via HBO.

Is the Euphoria Season 2 Premiere Just A Fever Dream Filled with Zendaya?

Every word said throughout the episode makes it sound like it’s being said by someone who drugs. That would be obnoxious in any other show, and it can even be hard to digest here. But given the general theme of substance use in Euphoria, the poorly written script makes sense, even if it is exhausting to listen to. Drugged teens won’t give sane dramatic monologues unless they’re played by Zendaya.

We can excuse the awkward scenario for the benefit of its relationship to the series. But one thing that’s even harder to digest in this episode are the uncomfortable changes in the cinematography. It feels like he can’t engage in any specific aesthetic in the first episode, bouncing between feeling like you’re part of a rave and watching an episode of Intervention. This is especially evident towards the end of the party scene. Levinson may be trying to showcase the different experiences of certain drugs or personalities at parties, but it seems lazy compared to previous attempts.

You can stream the season premiere of Euphoria on HBO Max. New episodes drop every week.

We’re not giving up on the show just yet. The Season 2 premiere of Euphoria looks like an inconsistent journey, but most of what drew us to the first season is still there, including the aesthetics. We’re going to hold on, if only for Zendaya’s convincing performance.

Drop your thoughts on the season premiere in the comments. Will you watch the next episode with us? Let us know!

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