The Hellish Theory That Makes Netflix Fans Watch The Taxi Driver Twice


According to a theory by Redditor u / second main character and others, Detective Jin and the cab driver at the end of the episode are the same person. When the taxi driver reassures Min Hye-jin at the end of the episode, he offers a straightforward summary of the show’s philosophy. As editor u / leejh2282 “No one will know what God intends, or if God exists, but it’s always best for us to stick to ourselves, to believe in free will, and to find our own morals.”

The Taxi Driver’s feelings directly mirror what Detective Jin Kyeong-hoon said during his three-part arc. When Jin met President Jeong, the fanatic gave his interpretation of the cafe attack, saying that God was punishing the victim to set an example for others and discourage them from sinning. Jin responded that if that was the case, there was no personal autonomy for free will (via DM Talkies).

According to fan theory, after President Jeong manipulated Jin’s daughter into executing the drug dealer who killed her mother, Jin left the police force so as not to have to arrest her. Five years later, he was working as a taxi driver when he met Min.

It’s definitely a compelling theory, since both characters have the same belief system. And as the cab driver shows up just as Min has just saved Toughie from the cult, his message is timely.


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