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• Vanity Fair Alfre Woodard answers Proust’s questionnaire
• LA Times on the incredible writing of Manuel Muñoz. If the name sounds familiar, it’s either because you have really good taste in writers (seriously, his work is brilliant) or because you’ve been reading TFE for a while. Manuel has been on Smackdown many times and we also chatted about his psychology-related novel “What You See in the Dark”
• Out After many rumors about Kat’s diminished role in Euphoria in season 2 and off-screen arguments, actress Barbie Ferraira will not return for season 3

It’s crazy don’t worry darling press tour, some Oscar hopefuls in an animated short, Elton John twice, the ashes of Lt Uhura, and more after the jump…

• AV Club The two younger brothers of director Robert Eggers (The Northman, the Vitch) have signed a management contract with A24
• Vulture Anne Hathaway will star in The idea of ​​youan adaptation of a fanfic novel inspired by Harry Styles
• Direct Matt Shakman, from Wanda Vision fame, may be the first choice to direct The Fantastic Four
• Cartoon Brew highlights a handful of animated shorts that have some momentum in the race for the Oscars
• Pajiba You should listen to Marc Maron’s remarkable interview with Andrew Garfield
• LA Times Britney Spears returns to duet with Elton John
• Broadway Blog…speaking. of Elton, he wrote a musical about Tammy Faye. If it goes to Broadway, does that mean Tammy Faye’s role will win both an Oscar and a Tony?
• The Guardian profiles Emmy nominee Sarah Niles (Ted Lasso)
• Daily Beast praises the South Korean action film Carter so we are curious now
• The ashes of Vanity Fair Nichelle Nichols (aka Lieutenant Uhura) will be sent into space. What a tribute!
• Time magazine on the Boy Love genre in Thailand and how it is changing public perceptions
• Pajiba first image of Evan Peters as serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in new Ryan Murphy project
• AV Club Warners Bros. has long sought its own Kevin Feige to rule the DC superhero universe. They may have finally found it in Dan Lin

Have you followed all of Olivia Wilde’s dramas? The press tour for don’t worry darling was so dramatic that the next film itself could become a mere footnote. Stars consistently made headlines from Olivia Wilde receiving onstage papers at CinemaCon last spring, to Harry Styles’ coy refusal to admit he has a “public relationship” with Olivia Wilde ( probably to protect these claims of homosexuality for a heterosexual life?), to the rumors and then the confirmation that Florence Pugh broke up with Zach Braff, to Olivia Wilde recently claiming that she fired Shia Labeouf from the film for the safety of Florence Pugh . And now Labeouf is hitting back that he quit by sharing text messages and emails to show Wilde tried to convince him to stay. What a fucking mess this has all been!


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