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Very important Broadway news regarding The Phantom of the OperaA trans riff on Gotham City characters, Superman 2 cosplay, and more after the jump…

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• Deadline RIP Mark Miller actor/screenwriter of Please don’t eat the daisies and days of our lives celebrity

We learned yesterday that Andrew Lloyd Webber The Phantom of the Opera will close on Broadway on February 18, 2023 after 35 years.

Ben Crawford and Emilie Kouatchou currently play the Phantom and Christine in the long-running musical

Shows should NOT last that long. We don’t really care about that particular show, but it really sucks that we can’t have multiple reinterpretations of a great show like, say, Kander & Ebb’s Chicago (now in its 26th year) or even a Nasty (approaching its 20th anniversary) due to their endless runs. Short sets of awakenings are best. We are so lucky to have seen multiple takes/viewpoints on Sondheim classics like Sweeney Todd, In the woodsand Company in our life. The same goes for the classics that are being revived.


  1. The Phantom of the Opera (13,000+ performances) STILL RUNNING
  2. 🔺 Chicago (over 10,000 performances) STILL RUNNING *longest running revival ever*
  3. 🔺 The Lion King (Over 9,000 performances) STILL ON *longest-running movie-based musical of all time*
  4. Cats (7,485 performances)
  5. 🔺 Nasty (7,000+) STILL IN PROGRESS
  6. Les Miserables (6,680)
  7. A chorus line (6,137)
  8. Oh! Calcutta! (5,959) *longest-running “review” ever*
  9. Mama Mia! (5,758) *longest running music jukebox ever*
  10. Beauty and the Beast (5,461)
  11. Rent (5,123)
  12. Boys Jersey (4,642)

    🔺 will likely threaten this list but still needs time: The Book of Mormon (more than 4,000 performances), Aladdin (almost 3000 performances), hamilton (over 2,000 performances)

    won’t threaten this list despite the huge popularity of its early years: Dear Evan Hansen (closed tomorrow!) and Come from afar (closing in a few weeks!)


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