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I find it hard to express how disappointed I am with the Monday, May 16 editorial cartoon.

A basic fact check would have found the following information:

The formula is intended for babies detained in the United States whose nursing mothers have been jailed for misdemeanors. (Illegal entry into the United States is only a misdemeanor).

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DHS and other agencies are ordering formula and baby food to feed the babies and children they have in custody and how many more they believe will be taken into custody. It is unconstitutional to imprison and starve people.

These babies only needed formula milk because they came from nursing mothers.

The FDA received four complaints of Cronobacter infections in infants beginning September 20, 2021 and through January 11, 2022. Two of the infected infants died. The parents of the four infants said they gave their children infant formula produced by Abbott Nutrition before they fell ill.

In February, Abbott Nutrition, the nation’s largest infant formula maker, recalled several of its leading infant formula brands and closed a Michigan plant associated with contaminated products.

Despite this, we continue to impose high tariffs on imported preparations and other supplies (more information can be found at

I don’t blame the Chronicle for running political cartoons on both sides of the aisle, and humor is obviously subjective, but we should do better.

Michael Nelson



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