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There’s a little tidbit from the May issue of SFX Magazine that has been pointed out to us, but based on more recent news, it could be significant. It might even be a clue to Kate Mulgrew’s return as Janeway in Star Trek Live.

Prodigy move to real action?

In a report on the animated series Star Trek: Prodigy in SFX, there was a brief interview with Kate Mulgrew, which included the following exchange:

Is there any chance we’ll see any of the Star Trek live-action characters in the future?
[She leans across the chair and grins] I think there’s a probability, actually…

It’s possible that Mulgrew is just speculating, but if she’s talking about something specific, it could be related to the fact that Alex Kurtzman recently confirmed that there will be an upcoming Star Trek Universe crossover. So maybe live-action versions of the characters could appear in another Star Trek series. Of course, being that Prodigy the characters are mostly aliens, any live-action version would likely involve a combination of prosthetic makeup, puppets, and CG effects.

Prodigy characters

Janeway live?

Mulgrew plays two characters in the series: Hologram Janeway of the USS Protostar and the real Vice Admiral Janeway. It could therefore simply refer to itself. Earlier in the week, we reported that Mulgrew was considering returning to live Trek after Star Trek: Picard completes its three-season run. These may be related and she’s talking about her own return as Janeway, possibly with others. Prodigy characters, or maybe even on her own.

Prodigy cast and premieres at NYCC 2021: (LR) Dee Bradley Baker (Murf), Kevin Hageman (EP), Ben Hibon (EP), Kate Mulgrew (Janeway), Dan Hageman (EP), Brett Gray (Dal) and Rylee Alazraqui ( Rok-Tahk)

To know more Prodigy and Mulgrew, check out the May issue of SFX Magazine.

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