The untold truth of the Back to the Future animated series


For some reason, “Back to the Future: The Animated Series” failed to convince Michael J. Fox to reprise the role of Marty McFly. In that regard, Lil Nas X would eventually succeed where “Back to the Future: TAS” failed, but that’s another story.

David Kaufman starred as the daring teenager who doesn’t like to be called a chicken, and went on to portray the eponymous characters in “Freakazoid!” and “Danny Ghost”. Funnily enough, Kaufman admitted on Saturday Morning Rewind that he practically stumbled upon the role of Marty.

As Kaufman explained, he was an on-camera actor and did a lot of commercials at the time. One day in 1991, he went to an audition and walked past the office of casting director and former Brainy Smurf Danny Goldman. “[Goldman] poked his head out of his desk and said, “David, come here,” Kaufman said. “” Kaufman read the lines and Goldman remarked that his voice had characteristics similar to those of Michael J. Fox. The voice actor laughed as he recalled that most of his roles at the time were for a “Michael J. Fox guy,” so he wasn’t surprised by those comments. Goldman invited him to audition officially, and Kaufman landed the prestigious gig.


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