There is a dirty joke hidden in the children’s cartoon Dexter’s Laboratory


DIRTY jokes are often neatly hidden in the scripts of some of our favorite childhood movies to keep adults entertained.

But not everyone might have noticed the VERY cheeky joke in the storyline of famous children’s cartoon Dexter’s Laboratory, which is sure to ruin your childhood.


Fans of the series have unearthed a number of innuendos in one episodeCredit: CARTOON NETWORK
Dexter's father explained his obsession with


Dexter’s dad explained his obsession with “muffins” in the episodeCredit: CARTOON NETWORK

Spotted on Reddit by die-hard fans of the cartoon, the scene is part of episode 18 of season 2, “The Muffin King”.

The episode begins with “Mum” as she stands in the kitchen making muffins before “Dad” comes in and goes mad, forcing her to chase him away.

Dexter and Dee Dee find their father moping in the living room on his recliner after the ordeal, as they ask him what the problem is.

He begins to explain that he “can’t control himself” every time Mom makes muffins – and can’t stop talking about how he wants them immediately.

Eventually, the muffins finish baking and Mom sets them aside to cool – with Dexter and Dee Dee standing guard to make sure Dad doesn’t steal them.

As Dad tries to trick them into leaving the muffins unattended, a squirrel comes in through the window and steals the entire tray.

Dad keeps the muffins away from him and is rewarded by mom and the kids with one of the muffins for his bravery in collecting them.

But not until the cheeky joke is done, with mum saying, “Your dad is a muffin demon, a muff-o-maniac – just the aroma can drive him crazy.”

She goes on to joke that Dexter’s father “only married her for his muffins.”

Fans couldn’t believe they missed the hilarious innuendos and turned to the comments section of the original Reddit post.

“I need to review this. It went through my head when I was a kid,” wrote one, as a second stepped in: “My cousin said I would understand later. . I didn’t understand what later meant either. Now I understand it. “

“I remember that episode. I was a kid. It completely passed my mind. It bothered me too because he didn’t want to be quiet about his muffin,” they added.

This comes after we revealed how there is a VERY cheeky jibe about a character’s private parts hidden in the classic Matilda from the 1990s.

The suggestive scene comes as the smart girl – played by Mara Wilson – returns home after her first day of school with teacher Miss Honey.

As Matilda enters the house, her mother Zinnia Wormwood asks her six-year-old how it went – to ignore her as she continues to talk on the phone.

“No way, they have to be implants,” Zinnia said, before referring to bikini wax. “It would change your life if you waxed yours too, I’m sure.”

With the joke between Matilda springing from her connection to Miss Honey, it would be easy for fans to miss the suggestive comment.

It comes weeks after TikTok users were shocked after a viral video revealed a seemingly explicit scene in the beloved children’s film Shrek.

The "King of muffins" the episode was full of innuendos


The episode “Muffin King” was full of innuendosCredit: CARTOON NETWORK
VERY cheeky joke about the character’s private parts hidden in Matilda

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