This year, the top animated films at the box office in the United States demonstrate that families have not rushed back to theaters

  • “Encanto” by Disney is the year’s highest-grossing animated film on a domestic level.
  • However, it has underperformed at the box office.
  • It is the year’s most notable animated film distributed entirely in cinemas.

Throughout 2021, cinemas lacked exclusive animated films that would typically boost box office receipts. That has harmed the theatrical industry in the United States this year as it slowly recovers from the pandemic Ipass Loans.

Disney’s “Frozen II” earned $477 million in the United States in 2019, while Pixar’s “Toy Story 4” earned $434 million. Domestically, “How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World” grossed $160 million. “The Lego Movie 2” earned $105 million at the box office.

This year, no animated film has come close.

“The Boss Baby: Family Business” and “Paw Patrol: The Movie” debuted concurrently on NBCUniversal’s Peacock and ViacomCBS’s Paramount+ streaming services. “Luca” from Pixar premiered exclusively on Disney+, while “Raya and the Last Dragon” opened in theaters and on Disney+ for an additional $30 fee.

Thus, when Disney’s “Encanto” premiered exclusively in theaters over the Thanksgiving holiday, all eyes were on the film. Following the success of Marvel’s “Shang-Chi,” Disney announced that its remaining 2021 releases would follow suit.

However, the outcomes have been disappointing. It grossed $40 million over the five-day Thanksgiving vacation and $27 million during the three-day Thanksgiving weekend in the United States. Subsequently, it has generated $60 million in the United States and $120 million internationally.

During a recent earnings call, Disney CEO Bob Chapek said he was “extremely closely” monitoring the theatrical industry to see which demographics were showing up.

Young adults have been the primary drivers of recent chart-topping hits such as “Shang-Chi” and “Venom: Let There Be Carnage,” rather than parents and small children.

With a budget of $50 million, “Encanto” is hardly a complete failure. However, it did not significantly move the needle, especially when compared to simultaneous releases.

The following are the five highest-grossing animated films in the United States in 2021:

5. “Mugen Train: Demon Slayer.”

Box office receipts in the United States: $47.7 million

Global box office receipts: $453 million (the film was first released in October 2020 in Japan, where it earned $364 million).

In theaters in the United States on April 23 (currently streaming on Crunchyroll)

Detailed description: “Tanjiro and the rest of the group have finished their restoration training at the Butterfly Mansion. They’re aboard the Mugen Train, heading to their next assignment, in which almost 40 persons vanished in a short time. Tanjiro and Nezuko, along with Zenitsu and Inosuke, Join Flame Hashira Kyojuro Rengoku, a Monster Slayer Corps swordsman, to battle the demon onboard the Mugen Train.”

4. “Raya and the Spectacular Dragon.”

$54.7 million at the box office in the United States

Worldwide box office receipts: $130.3 million

In the United States, the film will be released in cinemas and on Disney+ Premier Access on March 5 (it is now streaming on Disney+ at no extra cost to members).

Detailed description: “‘Raya and the Last Dragon’ transports us to the magical land of Kumandra, where people and dragons formerly coexisted peacefully. However, when an evil power attacked the earth, the dragons made the ultimate sacrifice in order to preserve humans. Now, 500 years later, the same evil has reappeared, and it is up to a lone warrior, Raya, to hunt down the fabled final dragon and bring the split kingdom and its divided people back together. However, she will discover along the way that saving the planet would need more than a dragon – it will also require faith and collaboration.”

3. “The Addams Family Part II.”

$56.5 million at the box office in the United States

Worldwide box office receipts: $107.2 million

In cinemas on October 1 in the United States

Detailed description: “The Addams Family, the original Halloween family, returns to the big screen in the first animated comedy about the world’s most bizarre family. The Addams Family redefines what it means to be a good neighbor.”

2. “The Boss Baby: It’s a Family Thing.”

$57.3 million at the box office in the United States

Worldwide box office receipts: $142.7 million

US release date: July 2 in cinemas and on Peacock

Detailed description: “This sequel to DreamWorks Animation’s Oscar-nominated hit comedy features two Templeton siblings, Tim (James Marsden) and his younger brother Ted (Alec Baldwin). Tim is now a married father who stays at home with his children. Ted is the CEO of a hedge fund. However, a new boss baby with a forward-thinking mindset and a can-do attitude is going to reunite them… and spark a new family enterprise.”

“Encanto” is the first.

The film has grossed $60.3 million in the United States so far.

Worldwide box office receipts (to date): $119.3 million

In the United States, the film will open in cinemas on November 24 and will remain in theaters for at least 45 days before being streamed on Disney+.

“‘Encanto,’ from Walt Disney Animation Studios, is the story of an exceptional family, the Madrigals, who live hidden in the Colombian mountains in a lovely mansion, a bustling town, and a wonderful, enchanted spot called an Encanto.”


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