‘Thor 4’ Concept Art Shows a Comic Book Accurate Look for Gorr


Image via Marvel Studios

When it comes to adaptations, chances are your favorite book or comic book characters won’t look exactly the same on the big screen as they did in your mind or on paper. This was the case for Thor: Love and Thunder nasty Gorr the butcher god, who made some changes to his character design for the MCU movie. Thanks to visual artist Jackson Sze, however, we can see what a more comic book-accurate version of the character might have looked like.

Sze is a visual development supervisor for Marvel and shares his concept art on instagram and Twitter. For this image, he wrote that it was his “first take on the #gorrthegodbutcher for #thorloveandthunder before the amazing #christianbale was cast in the role.”

The image shows a more alien design than what we got from the movie, with tentacles coming from its head and only two toes on each foot. The character is slightly crazier than Christian Bale’s version, a decision that had to be made before filming as we all know Bale can put on some muscle if he wants to.

The Necrosword that Sze drew is also more similar to the one in the comics, jet black and with a gap in the middle, definitely more futuristic and otherworldly, whereas the one used in the movie looks more like a sword than the one. one might expect to see in the European Middle Ages.

It’s always interesting to see how these changes play out in film pre-production, from initial character designs to final release.


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