THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER Features a Newly Created Legacy Character Worth Watching


We dive into Thor: Love and Thunder spoilers here, and taking a closer look at a newly minted character who could be key to the MCU’s future… even without a comic book counterpart! Check it out…

Arguably one of Marvel Studios’ biggest missteps is Heimdall’s misuse of Idris Elba. The character has made many appearances in the MCU, but not really before Thor: Ragnarok that we could see him intervene (only for him to then die a few minutes later Avengers: Infinity War).

Thor: Love and Thunder helps make up for past mistakes by introducing Heimdall’s son, Astrid/Axl. Played by actor Kieron L. Dyer (Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey), he has the same powers as his father, but still has to harness them. However, the youngster is able to use them to communicate with Thor when the children of New Asgard are kidnapped by Gorr the Butcher God.

At the end of the movie, Axl is shown being trained by Sif (Heimdall’s sister in the comics) and it’s briefly mentioned that he’s now mastered his abilities.

How he’ll be used in the MCU in the future remains to be seen, though we can’t help but think he’ll be a key player in New Asgard in the future. He doesn’t have a comic book counterpart, so there’s no clue there, but the character is one that could age so that we essentially have a new Heimdall (a very intriguing prospect).

Alternatively, there is a chance he will become a Young Avenger; we will see. His mother, Heimdall’s widow, is called Grace and is played by Eliza Matengu (Irish Jack). In a post-credits scene, Heimdall welcomes Jane Foster to Valhalla and thanks her for saving his son. Obviously he’s keeping an eye on Midgard!

While we’re talking spoilers, Gorr’s daughter “Love” isn’t in the comics and is another young character with an intriguing future. She was imbued with godlike powers by Destiny, and based on Marvel Studios’ track record, we’d be shocked if she didn’t grow up to be someone from the source material, similar to Layla El-Faouly being a combination of characters in Moon Knight.

Marvel Studios still hasn’t detailed its plans for Phase 4/5, so we have no idea where these stories are headed. What we can say for sure, though, is that both of these characters are worth keeping an eye on.


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