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We haven’t done a link roundup for several days in a quiet week on the site (apologies – I’ve been sick), so you may have read a few already, but they deserve a comment. be noted in case you haven’t!

• The squire Harvey Guillén (What we do in the shadows) writes about his coming-out journey
• Action Figures Was it a good idea to let your cat watch Neil Gaman Sand seller on Netflix?
• Deadline Brendan Fraser (The whale) get a TIFF tribute (the Oscars campaign is already underway)
• Deadline Elijah Wood and Lauren Ambrose (double yay) join the cast of yellow jackets for season two

A Clever Project For Jason Momoa, More Insensitivity From HBOMax Season 2 Quarrel (six years later), Harry Styles, and more after the jump…

• Swimming World Jason Momoa will direct a biopic on Hawaiian legend Duke Kahanamoku. Good choice!
• … TFE, we discussed Duke Kahanamoku years ago in an article about Olympian actors
• AV Club on buffy the reboot is dead (we’re glad to hear that. There’s no reason to remake “perfect-in-the-moment” shows or movies)
• IndieWire Must Read Queer Cinema Interview – Andrew Ahn (Fire Island, Spa Evening) interviewed Gregg Araki (The Living End, mysterious skinetc.) on his career
• The Cartoon Brew animators are understandably unhappy that HBOMax is only removing 25 (you read the number right) anime titles from their library
• Variety Quarrel finally gets a second season six years after the first (how to strike while the iron is hot) this one focusing on Truman Capote (Tom Hollander) making enemies of his high society friends by writing about them
• Rolling Stone talks to Harry Styles about his transition to acting, his relationship with Olivia Wilde and accusations of queer baiting
• AV Club updates us on what’s happening on Disney+ Day (which passed in September)
• OMG Blog Taylor Lautner marries a woman named Taylor who will then be called Taylor Lautner
• Vanity Fair meets the new Addams Family in Tim Burton’s Netflix series Wednesday
• Coming soon New images of Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Verse
• Theater Mania a clip of Lea Michele in rehearsal for funny girl


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