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Hello PlayStation Blog readers! My name is Raio and I’m the Creative Producer at Luminous Productions working on various aspects of our upcoming Forspoken game.

Today, I’m happy to bring you our brand new trailer that features Forspoken hero Frey Holland and his story. It answers many of your questions such as, “How did she end up in Athia?” And “what’s up with his sneakers?”

So without further ado, here’s our new intro-story trailer:

Frey is a directionless, serious but intelligent young woman from the streets who persevered despite her difficult upbringing in New York City. And her life hasn’t really gotten any easier now that she’s about to turn 21. Things take an unexpected turn when she is magically transported to Athia, a land where fantasies and nightmares are suddenly very real.

As Frey, you will have to harness newly discovered magical abilities to fight the terrifying monsters that inhabit the earth. To have any chance of returning home, she will also have to face off against the Tantas – destructive and twisted almighty matriarchs who dominate Athia.

As previously announced, Frey is played by Ella Balinska, so I hope you enjoyed her performance in the trailer further. I’m excited to reveal other Forspoken characters and some of the fantastic actors behind them:

  • Jonathan Cake plays Frey’s companion “Cuff”. Cuff is a magical and sensitive bracelet of uncertain origin that helps Frey navigate Athia’s sprawling landscapes.
  • Janina Gavankar plays Tanta Sila, Athia’s strongest and most formidable Tanta. While she once protected Athia with her unprecedented combat prowess, Tanta Sila is now a power-mad dictatorial despot.
  • Keala settling down plays Johedy, the uncompromising archivist who guides Frey on his journey to Athia.
  • Monique barbaro plays Auden, a kind and open-minded young woman who puts the needs of others first before her own. She quickly accepts Frey to Athia and sees more in her than Frey does in herself.

You might also be wondering about the music in the trailer, which is rather amazing, right? I’m happy to report that the track was composed by the legendary Bear McCreary, who you may know from God of War (2018) and The Walking Dead.

We are delighted that Bear has joined the Forspoken team as he can bring the immersive world and all of its twisted beauty to life by merging contemporary electronic beats with a fantastic tone. But why stop at a legendary composer when you can work in pairs? In addition to Bear, famous Garry Schyman (BioShock) also composes music tracks for the game. So go ahead and set those expectations high – you’re going to be impressed.

Finally, I’m excited to announce some of the talented writers behind this game. They include Gary Whitta (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story), Amy Hennig (Uncharted series), Allison Rymer and Todd Stashwick. Together they worked to create a beautiful story of Frey’s journey of self-discovery that I have no doubt you will enjoy.

On behalf of Square Enix and the entire team at Luminous Productions, I hope you are just as excited as we are to join Frey’s journey next year. Forspoken will be released for PlayStation 5 in Spring 2022.


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