Under the Tents: Val Hochberg, Mary Bellamy, Jeff Pina, More Panels


“Monday, Monday. I can’t trust so far. What you can be sure of is that we’re bringing you some of the hottest SDCC news. We don’t like Mondays either, but we do like news from “Zorilita” Mary Bellamy, Val Hochberg, Jeff Pina and many more. We hope this news will make your Monday a Friday.

Here’s a look at what you might have missed:

  • It’s not easy to keep a juicy secret, especially when you drop off at the SDCC. Mario Telles was finally able to unload his soul when he let his Instagram followers know that MetaZoo Games would be at booth #1629 in the Hall C area.
  • CCI started sending out panel confirmations recently, and Artists Elite Comics is one of those happy campers who I got the good news. They haven’t mentioned any details yet, but their Elite Artists presents #1 comes out on July 19, so it’s probably a safe bet that will figure prominently.
  • If you get lost in a weird alley with a bunch of strangers, Artists Alley is the best place for it to happen. While you’re at it, you’ll come across some prolific US State Department writer/director/envoy David Mack at table #HH-07.
  • We’re huge fans of artist Val Hochberg, so we’re very excited to have his SDCC commissions open.”in the next week or two.Keep an eye on our SDCC Commissions article for all the juicy details and how to order.
  • Artist Matt BATT Banning shared his 2022 Summer Convention appearances on Twitter, and we were happy to see SDCC on its list. Look for it in Artists Alley at table #II-04.
  • Another excited waiting panelist is comedic artist Patrick Gerard. He’ll be alongside “some serious veteran comic talent” during what reads like a pretty emotional SDCC panel. I might need tissues for this one.
  • All-around actress/gamer/nerd Jessica Verdi is going to be living her best life at the SDCC this year. Look for her on certain signs and, from the looks of things, a whole lot more. That’s what I call Comic-Con energy.

  • Boop-boop-bee-doop-BOOP! If you haven’t heard that, ask your grandparents. Cartoon voice actor Sandy Fox teased his Twitter followers with some information about the signing of the convention, and SDCC was on that list. Look for more details in our autograph article as we get closer to the con.
  • You can’t keep a good prostitute (it’s Geeky Hooker, you filthy bird!). Another SDCC tradition that we’re excited to see returning is Geeky Hooker’s Crochet Critter Drops. Make sure you are follow their social networks to see where you can find these adorable treats.

  • Finally (for now), if you’re not thrilled with the lanyard that CCI offers you, go through table #N-04 in Small Press and visit “Zorilita” Mary Bellamy, where she can offer you something much more adorable.

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