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Christopher Priest is ready to bring his talents to Heavy Metal as he writes Entropy for the editor. Priest, best known for his work on Black Panther and Deathstroke, will be joined by new artist Montos who will illustrate the book. Not only that, but the comic book description alone sounds breathtaking and intriguing.

Entropy is led by character Henry Hank. During a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter in 2020, Heavy Metal described the character as follows:

“Everyone friendly and average who will become responsible for the destruction of the world.”

It looks like the comic will have some pretty high stakes. Let’s explore the details of the series due out in July and see exactly what it’s all about.

Entropy is described as The Green Lantern Meet breaking Bad

Comic cover (Image via Heavy Metal Magazines)
Comic cover (Image via Heavy Metal Magazines)

Yes, you read that right. Entropy has been described as The Green Lantern meets breaking Bad, which fits the description of Heavy Metal perfectly, given their penchant for big genre stories. Also breaking Bad the inspiration is quite noticeable, considering how the design of the title is inspired by that of the AMC show.

Entropy is also a crossover from another Heavy Metal comic called Taarna. The titular character has long been an icon of Heavy Metal. For those who don’t know, Taarna is the last living Taarakian and the guardian of the universe. She is a hybrid being, born of a great warrior and a dying universe, and is the personification of the youngest universe in the multiverse. She also had an animated film.

With this we see Henry Hanks, the protagonist of Entropy, described as a villain in the making. His story mirrors that of Walter White’s breaking Bad, as he explores his descent into darkness and what makes him cringe. The comic will see Hanks go on a journey as he destroys worlds in Kako’s name.

The comic book series will also have plenty of The Green Lantern inspiration because it will deal with heavy science fiction stories. Even Hanks’ powers will remind fans of them and the way his costume is made.

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Joining Priest on this journey is also up-and-coming illustrator Montos. Priest praised Montos’ illustrations, and from the few preview pages, it looks like he’s got a point. Speaking of Montos’ work, Priest said:

“I raised the bar and pushed the limits of my imagination, delivering breathtaking art that is sure to make him a top name in this industry.”

A page from the comic (Image via Heavy Metal Magazines)
A page from the comic (Image via Heavy Metal Magazines)

Entropy is also billed as the start of a new shared universe for Heavy Metal. Speaking of the comic, the publisher’s editor, Joseph Illidge, said:

“There’s a saying that the villain should be more interesting than the hero…”

He added:

“Two stellar creators at the top of their game created the ultimate villain origin for heavy metaltentpole’s large-scale event. The undisputed leader in science fiction, fantasy, and horror is about to unleash a gruesome story of cosmic science and dark fantasy to the world with Entropy!”

Also speaking about the comic, Christopher Priest said:

“Entropy explores questions of existence and meaning through a darkly Socratic method of catastrophic trial and error.”

He continued:

“Heavy metal is the perfect platform to test the classic story of the Everyman with ultimate power and explore the layers of his humanity. It was an exhilarating experience tackling familiar topics without speed limits or seatbelts.”

A bit of background on Priest’s work as well. He started in the 1970s with Marvel and wrote for characters like Spider-Man, Black Panther, etc. His DC work also includes writing for Deathstroke and Justice League.

For those who are excited Entropy, you can check out the comic when it hits stores on July 6, 2022.

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