Vertex Week: Warm up your animation design with Jackie Droujko


Warm up your animation design

Jackie Droujko is a professional character designer for Netflix based in Vancouver. His credits include Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Arlo the Alligator Boy, Dreamwork’s Cleopatra in Space and Archibald.

The artist regularly takes to Instagram to showcase his skills, and offers tips on Youtube, take a look at his full portfolio. For Vertex Week 2022, Droujko has two tutorials, this first reveals how to warm up your skills using the benchmark before diving into the full artwork.

If you enjoyed this tutorial from Druzhko, check out her second Vertex Week 2022 video workshop where she shares her process for quickly painting a character design. Get great Photoshop tips and tricks.

Vertex Week Schedule

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If you want more character design tips, check out Germán Reina Carmona’s workshop on how to improve your character design; the artist worked on the video game Olli Olli World and reveals how he creates his stylized characters. Check out the full Vertex Week schedule below.

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