What were the biggest hits and flops of the spring 2022 anime season?


The spring 2022 anime season is in its final stretch, with most of its shows airing their final episodes and wrapping up their storylines. Many exciting anime series have debuted this season or returned for a second, third or even fourth season, but some shows have been much more successful than others. Not every anime is a standout of the season.

Luckily, even the weakest spring 2022 offerings have created solid entertainment, and the best spring 2022 anime are already on their way to ranking among the best of 2022. Based on audience reception, the quality of the content and sheer influence, it’s easy to determine which of the Spring 2022 anime shows were winners – and which absolutely weren’t.

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WINNER: Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War Continue The Seinen Romance Feud

Returning for its third season of ultra-romantic fun, the hit series Kaguya-Sama: Love is War offers more of the same, which is exactly what anime fans wanted. The third season continues the heart-pounding feud between wealthy heiress Shinomiya Kaguya and hard-working Shirogane Miyuki, but this time they’re not alone in the spotlight.

As Kaguya and Miyuki face off, their friends and classmates start their own romantic battles, from the love-stricken Ishigami Yu searching for Tsubame’s heart, to Iino Miko struggling with her own confused feelings. and tumultuous. And all the while, wild Fujiwara Chika is the same unpredictable tornado of fun she’s always been, which is a great way to keep high-IQ love battles enjoyable and grounded. The opening and closing credits don’t disappoint either.

LOSER: The Rising Of The Shield Hero feels aimless this time around

The Rise of the Shield Hero is a notorious isekai anime title that was a smash hit in 2019, but by the time the second season arrived in spring 2022, the magic was gone. The second season misses what made the first so tense and compelling, with Naofumi’s character now merely a vehicle for action-adventure sequences against Spirit Tortoise, Kyo Ethnina, and other new foes.

The cast of characters has also expanded to include the Hunter Hero Kizuna and Ost Hourai, but even they can’t stop shield hero‘s second season of feeling stale. Naofumi has few worthwhile goals here – he just goes where the action takes him, and everyone else has to follow suit.

WINNER: The Spy X family became an instant hit

Based on the manga of the same name by author Tatsuya Endo, the Spy x Family the anime became an overnight hit, capturing the imagination of anime fans all over the world. This stylish shonen action series has more than enough humor, spy plots, lovable characters, and wholesome family moments to capture any anime fan’s interest, all in a setting inspired by the Cold War.

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In short, Spy x Family has it all, crowned by adorable and meme-worthy Anya Forger, the peanut-loving telepathic child and Spy Wars – almost as much as she loves her murderous adoptive mother and her spy adoptive father. There is no doubt that Spy x FamilyThe massive popularity of will continue to grow from here as the story, setting, and characters continue to unfold.

LOSER: Shikimori isn’t just a cutie feels routine and tedious

Maybe Shikimori is not just a cutie aimed to become the next My darling dressingbut he didn’t even come close to reaching the same heights Sweetheart did. Whereas My darling dressing had a cool premise with the cosplay world and a surprisingly deep female lead in Kitagawa Marin, Shikimori is not just a cutie feels like a quintessential high school rom-com, and not in a good way.

The anime does very little new, and having a strong and seemingly perfect girlfriend character in Shikimori doesn’t help much. Shikimori cannot carry the show, and without his help, the Shikimori anime doesn’t really have a leg to stand on. It’s nothing anime fans haven’t seen before – at most, it fills the time until the next one. Kaguya Where Komis episode.

WINNER: Komi can’t communicate delivers the goods

At first glance, Komi can’t communicate also looks like run-of-the-mill high school anime fare, but it consistently has more substance and emotional impact than Shikimori never will. It’s the story of shy dandere Komi Shoko who aims to make 100 friends; a nice and clear goal that allows fans to cheer on Komi as she comes out of her shell. And she just might find love along the way with her simple but empathetic new friend, Tadano Hitohito, all the way into Season 2.

The second season features more of the hilarious and heartwarming antics of Season 1, but this time Komi is making impressive strides in overcoming her communication disorder, and she’s more present than ever in these scenes.


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