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Many avid anime and shojo manga fans tend to have stacks of romantic comedies they’ve read thousands of times. Going back to old favorites is certainly fun, but it can eventually get boring reading the same old story. Every once in a while, it’s good to swap out the usual rom-com classics for something new.

Despite mixed reviews, Special A is a unique romantic shojo manga filled with excellent characters and an intriguing story. Shojo manga may all look the same, but Special A mixes classic fan-favorite tropes – here’s how to get started with anime and manga.

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The plot of special A

Special A follows the story of Hikari Hanazono, a bright, ambitious and optimistic teenager. Hikari has come in second place behind Kei Takashima all her life – just when she thinks she’s about to get the highest score on a test, Kei steals the top spot. Sounds like a basic setup for a romantic love story like any classic shojo manga, right? Think again.

Kei and Hikari attend Hakusenkan Academy (a private school) and are among the most elite class in their school. Hakusenkan separates its students into classes from A to F, organized according to student grades. A is the top class of the entire school and is only open to students with the highest grades – these students are known as the “Special A” (or SA) class. There are seven members present in the SA class, including freshmen and third-year students. The students of the Special A class also have different uniforms, which makes it easy to distinguish them from other students.

Hikari and Kei met when they were kids because their fathers were close and they both loved professional wrestling. Hikari challenges Kei to a wrestling match, but he defeats her. Ever since then, Hikari has sworn to beat Kei in everything: school grades, sports matches, and everything in between. But she has yet to come out on top, earning the nickname “Miss Rank Two” or “Miss Second Place” by Kei.

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Where to read manga special A

The Special A manga was written by Maki Minami in April 2003, ending almost six years later in March 2009. It was published by Hakusensha and was published in the bi-monthly Hana to Yume magazine, ending with a total of 17 volumes. The romantic shojo tale ended with 17 volumes.

A spin-off manga titled SA: Street fight! was also created in 2012 and is currently marked as ongoing. The manga has only one volume, consisting of approximately six chapters. street fight takes place after the end of the original series, returning to Hakusenkan Academy and its main characters.

Physical and digital copies of Special A manga can be found at many physical retailers and online stores. Special A can be found on Amazon in paperback, with digital copies (Kindle and comiXology) also available. Physical copies are also available at Law Stuf Anime for $7.99 each.

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Where to Watch Anime Special A

In 2008, the Special A manga received an anime adaptation under the same name. The anime ran for 24 episodes and was written by Jukki Hanada and directed by Miyao Yoshikazu.

Crunchyroll has all the episodes available for streaming with English subtitles. You can also find the subtitled version of Special A on Hulu and First video. For the latter, fans can watch with an Amazon Prime account or purchase all 24 episodes (in standard definition) for around $1.99 each.


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