Which The Sandman Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?


by Netflix The sand man (based on the comic book of the same name by Neil Gaiman made for the CC franchise) was widely successful after it aired on the streaming service. Fans can’t wait for more installments, although nothing is set in stone yet. The show features many whimsical and charismatic characters, just as it features terrifying and unsettling ones.

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Each character has a distinct personality that makes them a unique addition to the franchise, and fans can see Gaiman’s attention to character development. Most of the characters embody traits inherent in one of the twelve zodiac signs, from the volatile Cain to the logical Lucian.

12 Aries: Cain Can’t Stop Killing His Brother When He’s Angry

Like Cain, Aries is infamous for their temper and violence, although only immature Aries behave this way. The true power of Aries is manifested in quick action, assertiveness and confidence. This attitude is due to the fact that Mars, the sometimes volatile planet that calls passion, energy and strength its domain, rules the sign of Aries.

Cain is known to kill his brother over and over again in fits of rage. He is the embodiment of an Aries at his worst. This madness is likely to happen with an insecure Aries, as the sign represents the first house of ego, personality, and self. They always view attacks on them as personal.

11 Taurus: Death is an anchored soul

Death is among the best Sand seller characters because it offers compassion during the event that mortals find most terrifying in their lives. She is a peaceful presence in chaos and fear.

Venus, a celestial body that values ​​beauty and tranquility, rules Taurus, the sign of the bull. This attitude well describes Death’s approach to his work. Taurus maintains the second house of work, and Death’s work is never done. First and foremost, Taurus is a fixed earth sign, which means they’re grounded and loyal. As fans see from his day with Dream, Death acts the same way.

ten Gemini: Matthew always has ideas

Fans may not know of the sandman Infinity has no true form. Meanwhile, Dream’s subjects do. Fans see Dream mad at Gault for trying to shapeshift and be a dream when they were a nightmare. One of Dream’s most loyal servants is one of his newest: the crow named Matthew. Matthew has to learn on the job and figure things out as you go. Yet he learns quickly and is up to the task. Geminis are jacks of all trades. Thus, they quickly adapt to new situations (as their mutable modality suggests). Since they’re an air sign, they’re also naturally smart, which makes sense because Matthew always has a plan.

9 Cancer: Abel feeds Cain despite Cain’s outbursts

Abel is one of the saddest Sand seller characters because his brother is constantly killing him and Abel is constantly waking up to a life stuck with his abusive brother. However, Abel is never saddened by it. Instead, he sees it as his duty to nurture and be there for his brother, who cannot handle his emotions.

The moon, which signifies emotions and the inner world, rules Cancer, which is why the crab-inspired sign understands others so well. Since the sixth house of family, home, and nurturing calls Cancer its figurehead, characters like Abel, who never abandon their family, would fall under this sign.

8 Leo: Lucifer is the epitome of pride

One of the many things that Sand seller The show changed from the comics was the duel between Lucifer and Dream. In the comics, this never happened. After all, why risk Lucifer’s pride?

Lucifer likes to be the center of attention in Hell. Moreover, they have an impeccable ego and pride. Not all Leos are like this, but those who have not yet matured can sometimes fall victim to these tendencies. Such is the risk of being the ruler of the fifth house of pleasure and the subject of the sun (ego, external world, self).

seven Virgo: Gilbert Was Curious About The World, But He Came Back

Gilbert was Rose’s anchor when Lyta got lost in her dreams. He always had a plan and was a voice of reason throughout his adventures in finding Jed.

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Virgos are mutable earth signs, which means that, among earth signs, they are the best with change. They are curious souls, which is why they are more likely to embrace new experiences. Gilbert went to the human world to learn how to be human, but he did it in the most pristine way. He spent most of his time reading. Mercury, the planet of intelligence and communication, rules Virgo, and fans see these traits in Gilbert.

6 Libra: Desire hates direct confrontation

Desire may not be the most influential Endless member of The sand man, but they become one of Dream’s fiercest enemies. On the show, Desire feigns cordiality while being aware of Dream’s anger because Desire prefers to wage a proxy war.

Libra represents Libra because this sign cares about dualities, balance, and dichotomy. Accordingly, they rule the seventh house of relationships. This serves Desire perfectly. With Venus as their ruling planet, Libras value aesthetics and harmony. They argue with a friendly attitude whether they fear confrontation or are more malevolent like Desire.

5 Scorpio: The Corinthian has many secrets

The Corinthian was a violent villain who made a name for himself in the human world as a serial killer. Yet he did so to rebel against Dream and Dream’s rigid blueprints for all of his creations.

Scorpios are tricky signs as they have gone through many iterations through the ages. In ancient times, Mars ruled this sign, which is why they tend to hold grudges (much like the Corinthian). From now on, astrologers consider Pluto (transformation, death and destruction) as the guide of Scorpio. In reality, Scorpios want to find truth and justice in a world that misunderstands them.

4 Sagittarius: Johanna Constantine wants to be free

Jenna Coleman nailed of the sandman Johanna Constantine. Trauma plagues this character, who has a wild and free spirit. Johanna is a fighter, a philosopher and a heroine.

Sagittarians are mutable fire signs. Thus, they are passionate, adaptable and assertive. Although Johanna does not feel lucky, she has escaped death and Lucifer several times. Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, rules Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the guardian of the ninth house (philosophy and higher learning). This placement is fitting because Johanna is constantly trying to reason with the world and learn solutions to her supernatural plight.

3 Capricorn: Lucienne rules the world of dreams

When Dream found himself imprisoned, Lucienne had to take over the reins of Dreaming. When Dream returned he was appalled, but after a while he realized that Lucienne was handling the Dreaming better than he could in his condition.

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Lucienne embodies the best qualities of Capricorn. If some accuse this sign of being cold due to their inflexible rationality, this does not mean that they are devoid of compassion. Lucienne does the right thing, relies on logic and manages an entire kingdom. Yet they are still a benevolent soul. Saturn, which represents discipline and lessons, rules Capricorn. Lucienne has certainly faced her fair share of obstacles.

2 Aquarius: Rose wants to change the world

As fans clamor for the Sand seller the comics handle the vortex better than the show, there are plenty of moments where the Dream Vortex arc worked well. The character of Rose Walker is rebellious and compassionate without being annoying or selfish, as many main characters can be.

Rose does not accept the status quo. She wants to save her brother and change Dream’s view on the Dreaming. Thus, it best matches the fixed air sign, Aquarius. Usually, air signs are more adaptable, but since Aquarius has a fixed modality, Aquarians are known to hold their own. Also, Uranus, the planet that deals with rebellion, rules this sign.

1 Pisces: the dream lives in dreams

of the sandman Dream goes by many names, each one aptly explaining its purpose. As Dream Lord, he controls the invisible realm. He is creative, like many water signs, although he is not as emotionally sensitive. Instead, he tries to avoid them.

Pisces rules the twelfth house of dreams, mysteries and hidden things in astrology. Considering Dream a Pisces feels on the nose. Additionally, Pisces look to Neptune, the planet of dreams and prophecies, as their guide. Pisces is a mutable water sign, and like the mutable modality, Dream is adaptable. It must be after so many years of existence.

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