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Some of you know where the title words of this story come from, especially if you have children, or maybe not, and you have come across the program yourself. These are the opening lyrics of the popular children’s cartoon program, SpongeBob SquarePants.

Sally and I have heard the song way more than we’d like to admit, but for the past few months we’ve found ourselves dragged into a big band that fused this ditty with their favorite summer pastime, Cleveland Guardians baseball.

Since the first day of this baseball season, we have often traveled in what is sometimes called “Earth,” where we saw a number of young men start their careers in Major League Baseball, in “The show.” Some have been there since the first day of this 2022 season, some have since been called up, and have contributed greatly to the team. Most recently, we got to see five of these youngsters in the starting lineup at the same time against the Houston Astros without a trash can. We’ve seen many of these rookies throw their first pitch, earn their first strikeout, and/or win their first MLB game. We also saw many firsts on offense with first hits, first RBIs, first home runs and first hits. The rest of this young squad (average age 26.1) are sophomores who are already regular starters, and with these rookies, they look like a group of young men who you think need some permission from their parents to go out after 9:00 a.m. night game nights.

So where does the song from the animated show play into all of this? On May 26, Oscar Gonzalez, 24, a minor league player in the Guardians organization, made his Major League debut joining several of his former Triple-A teammates who had previously been called upon to wear the new logo. of Cleveland. baseball. When they asked him to choose a song, he chose the SpongeBob SquarePants theme song. When someone asked him why this song, he said through the performer of the team, that it was a song that the children liked and that he wanted to make the children in the crowd happy.

It was a heartwarming reason given as to why he chose that song, but it was/is much more from my perspective in my living room and from my seats at Progressive Field. I can watch these young baseball players, these kids, continue to grow in baseball in the Cleveland organization while injecting so much energy into each other, and not just the young kids in the crowd, but many of us “older children” look too. At first, the kids in the crowd were singing along to Gonzalez’s song, but now almost everyone in the crowd is singing along to Nickelodeon’s favorite, followed by lots of laughs from the mouths of fans of all ages.

As noted, Sally and I were in the crowd for three Guardians games against the Astros recently, two games exceeding 25,000 fans and the other exceeding 22,000 baseball fans. When Gonzalez began his walk from the circle on the bridge to the batter’s box each time in those three games, the majority of the crowd, including many Astro fans, sang the answer to the chorus aloud. question, “Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?”and the second line, “Absorbent and yellow, and porous is it,” with loud cries of “Sponge Bob SquarePants!” It’s also happened in games we’ve been to against the Twins and A’s, and we’ve heard it in televised home games against other teams Gonzalez has played on. It feels contagious and makes us all feel like kids for a few seconds at a time during a baseball game. More importantly, it validates that these kids are having fun being kids while playing a kids game. Oh yes, and this team, which welcomed Steven Kwan, Bryan Lavastida, Konnor Pilkington, Richie Palacious, Tanner Tully, Kirk McCarty, Gabriel Arias, Oscar Gonzalez, Alex Call, Nolan Jones, Will Benson, Tyler Freeman, Hunter Gaddis and Xzavion Curry, along with other non-rookies, but youngsters, Andres Gimenez, James Karinchak, Emmanuel Clase, Tristan McKenzie, Eli Morgan, Owen Miller, Myles Straw, Cal Quantrill, Josh Naylor, Austin Hedges and the few veterans who have played for over 3 seasons in Cleveland, when this story was last read a week ago, was sitting atop the American League Central Division.

I like baseball. I love watching him played hard and clean. I love seeing players having fun. For me, it’s more than wins and losses. This group of Guardians players, these kids, play hard, clean and have fun playing my favorite sport, as evidenced by the adoption of a cartoon character to lead them and their fans in song so that they show their love of the game, their love for each other as teammates, their many smiles and laughs, and their “never give up” attitude in every game.

I love that ! The kids (most of them younger than my kids and a few of my grandsons) being kids, playing a kids game and having so much fun doing it, all with the help of this little character who lives in a pineapple under the sea.

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