Why are there so many editorial cartoons “bowing to the crazy Trump fanatics”?


Lots of flattery?

Times editorial cartoons | September 9

I’m sick of seeing absolutely unfair and disrespectful political cartoons in the Times. These unjust caricatures of the right, flattering the crazy Trump lovers, are not the expression of political positions. These are unfair jobs. President Biden inherited the most damaged America a living person has ever seen. His handling of the pandemic could not have been better. There are vaccines available to stop the spread of the worst pandemic in 100 years and roughly half of the population of this country refuses to take them for political and ideological reasons. These people are the problem in this country. Appealing to them with these cartoons contributes to the problem. A fair political speech is good. These cartoons are not fair political speech.

Jeff Cup, Brandon

times wires editorial cartoon [ Michael Ramirez — Creators.com ]

Watered flights

Flight attendants learn to fight back | Letters, September 9

Regarding the author of the letter who suggested that no alcohol should be served at airports or on airplanes: If I cannot have a stroke of courage before getting on my plane, I drive.

Alain Aipel, Saint PETERSBOURG

Need for introspection

DeSantis lawyers try to dismiss federal school masks case; decision to come | September 9

Governor Ron DeSantis wondered why wearing a mask has become so political. I guess he must have looked in a mirror and realized that he and other politicians of his ilk were pretending to be scientists.

James Dina, Dunedin

The things politicians say

governor says he will “eliminate all rapists” | September 9

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has said he will eliminate all street rapists to prevent women from having an abortion? You mean he had the means to do it and hasn’t done it already?

Tamara Taylor, New Port Richey


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