Y: The Last Man’s Biggest Changes From The Comics


Warning: The following contains SPOILERS for the first three episodes of Y: The Last Man and the Y: The Last Man comic books.

Hulu on FX’s adaptation of Y: The Last Man made a number of changes to the comics that inspired the series. Most of these changes are cosmetic and were made to allow for a wider set and greater variety of stories in an already diverse cast of characters. Still, some of the changes significantly alter the pacing of the original comic book story.

Originally published over 60 issues and six years, Y: The Last Man is widely considered one of the best adult series ever published by DC Comics’ Vertigo imprint and has won multiple Eisner Awards. Although critically acclaimed, the series also drew criticism for being too focused on cis man Yorick Brown and not discussing trans men except as sex workers and victims of murder. This is somewhat ironic, as the series was originally hailed as a feminist satire of the “last man on earth” trope and applauded for a diverse power trio, including a black female spy (Agent 355) and a lesbian. Chinese/Japanese physician (Dr. Allison Mann).


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Y: The Last Man Showrunner Eliza Clark has been candid in her efforts to update the series to reflect modern sensibilities, while telling the same story. In terms of characterization, fans of the graphic novel series can be satisfied that the characters from the original comics remain intact, with Yorick still an endearing man-child and Agent 355 still a guarded badass. Adding characters like trans male performance artist Sam Jordan (who is Hero Brown’s best friend and AA sponsor) takes nothing away from the source material. Indeed, many of the changes Clark made only served to improve elements of the original comics that weren’t delved into as deeply as they could have been, while streamlining others for good. course of history. Here’s a breakdown of all the major changes from the comics in the first three episodes of Y: The Last Man.

Yorick proposes to Beth in person

Y The Lat Man Yorick proposes to Beth

In the first issue of Y: The Last Man, Yorick Brown (Ben Schnetzer) attempted to propose to his girlfriend, Beth Deville (Juliana Canfield) over the phone at the exact time the Event occurred. At the time, Beth was in the Australian Outback on a student travel grant as part of her anthropology studies, while Yorick was in New York to make ends meet as a street artist. The show changes that significantly, with Yorick and Beth being slightly older than in the comics (late twenties as opposed to early twenties) and Yorick proposing to Beth the night before she was supposed to go to Australia as part of his postgraduate studies. .

Beth disappears somewhere in America instead of Australia

Y the Lat Man Juliana Canfield Beth Deville

Beth’s fate in the comics remained a mystery for more than half of the series, before Y: The Last Man #36 revealed how she survived being stranded in the Outback. the Y: The Last Man The series establishes a similar mystery around Beth’s whereabouts, but changes the setting. In the series, Beth moves out of the apartment she shares with Yorick after they fall out over his proposal and there is no indication that she has boarded her flight to Australia. It is suggested in Y: The Last Man episode 3, “Neil”, that she may have gone to Cleveland to watch over her mother (who was undergoing chemotherapy) or that she may have died in a three-train subway crash near her apartment.

Hero Brown has a much darker and more detailed story

Y The Last Man Hero Brown after killing his partner

One of the main criticisms of Y: The Last Man that’s how badly he developed the character of Hero Brown (by Goliath Olivia Thirby). Although she was presented as more together than her brother before the event, Hero still fell under the sway of a doomsday cult called the Daughters of the Amazon and the comic glossed over how the young volunteer paramedic was brainwashed so quickly. The series greatly expands Hero’s backstory, revealing that she has an addictive personality, a drunk driving conviction, and sleeps with her married partner. The first episode, “The Day Before”, details how Hero suffered an emotional meltdown before the event began, as she accidentally killed her partner with a fire extinguisher after discovering he had lied to her about his intention. to leave his wife for her.

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Agent 355 is in the United States during the event and will be the one to find Yorick

Y The Last Man Agent 355 with amulet

In the first issue of Y: The Last ManOfficer 355 (NOS4A2′s Ashley Romans) was on a mission in Al Karak, Jordan when the event occurred, tasked with recovering an artifact known as the Amulet of Helen, which was said to cause a disaster comparable to the Trojan War if ever removed from the borders of Jordan. It was one of many things in the comic that would have caused the event. In the Y: The Last Man show, Agent 355 was in Washington D.C. when the event occurred, although she was later shown retrieving a necklace that may be Helen’s amulet from a Culper Ring safehouse in Episode 2, “Would the World Be Kind”. Later in the same episode, Agent 355 was sent to search for Hero Brown in his apartment in New York and discovered Yorick. This is another major departure from the comics, where Yorick traveled to Washington DC alone from New York and Hero lived in Boston rather than New York.

Jennifer Brown becomes president

Y The Last Man Diane Lane Jennifer Brown

In the Y: The Last Man comics, Jennifer Brown was a representative of the United States Congress who became much more powerful as a result of the event. The same is true in the reality of the TV show, but this version of Jennifer Brown (Diane Lane) becomes the Acting President of the United States after the entire chain of command above her is determined to be dead or missing. In the comics, Agent 355 picked up Agriculture Secretary Margaret Valentine (who had been in hiding for two months) and informed her that she was now President.

The Republican Coup Subplot Won’t Be Resolved That Quickly

Y The Last Man Kimberly Campbell Cunningham at a book conference

Y: The Last Man #3 found the White House besieged by the armed wives of Republicans who died during the event, demanding that they be allowed to assume their husbands’ House and Senate seats without holding an election. This coup was quickly suppressed by the end of the issue. the Y: The Last Man The series continues this conflict, with the former president’s daughter, Kimberly Campbell Cunningham (Amber Tamblyn) as the first season’s major villain, who is dedicated to bringing down President Brown’s administration before she can. really begin to rebuild America. society.

Dr. Allison Mann does not show up immediately

Y The Last Man Dr. Allison Mann Diana Bang

In the Y: The Last Man comics, Dr. Allison Mann was one of the three main protagonists of the series, appearing in the first issue. Although it has been confirmed that Dr. Mann is part of the series and will be played by Diana Bang, she does not appear in the first three episodes. Indeed, an online cast list suggested she might not meet Yorick Brown and Agent 355 until the final episode of Y: The Last Man season 1.

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