Ya Boy Kongming! is the most overlooked anime of 2022


The anime industry has succeeded so far in 2022 with consistently high quality anime for fans to enjoy. This spring ushered in a new anime titled Spy X Family, which features fan-favorite character Anya Forger. Other recent anime such as Daylight saving time rendering and Love After World Domination also gained a dedicated fan following shortly after airing.

As expected, some anime in the lineup have been overshadowed, an example being Ya Boy Kongming.

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Written by Yuto Yotsuba, the story begins in 3rd century China during the historic Battle of the Wuzhang Plains. It follows Zhuge Liang Kongming, a prominent military strategist of his time. As he succumbs to defeat in battle, he yearns to be reincarnated in a world and time filled with tranquility. His dream comes true, as he is reborn centuries into the future, ending up in present-day Tokyo. Although he no longer has to worry about war, Kongming is unprepared for all the raucous parties and chaos his new life may bring. This proves true when he falls into a nightclub. There, he meets a young woman named Eiko Tsukimi, who dreams of one day becoming a famous songwriter.

Anime is affixed in the isekai subgenre, which is when the main character suddenly finds himself in a world different from his own, whether it’s a fantasy world or a different time period. Popular examples include Inuyasha and Sword art online. Despite the fact that isekai has become popular over the past decade, Ya Kongming boy is still underestimated for a multitude of reasons. One aspect that was not well received by fans was Eiko’s role in the story.

While the first episode establishes the fact that Kongming is indeed the protagonist, he and Eiko swap positions right after they meet. The show begins to focus more on Eiko and her aspiration to become a singer, causing her to spend more screen time while Kongming is just there. Naturally, this would upset fans who would prefer to see more of Kongming and his attempts to fit in with the unfamiliar world around him, especially since he’s the main character.

Another factor that contributes to Ya Boy Kongming’s the low reputation does not gain enough hype to compete with other anime. When a new anime comes out, there is talk that it will be among the big titles, such as Jujutsu Kaisen, My Hero Academia, or even the recent Spy X Family.

This requires not only a compelling, well-written story and a uniquely likable cast of characters, but also good timing and, in some cases, luck. Unfortunately, Ya Boy Kongming does not seem to fulfill these last two conditions. It came out just four days before Spy X Family, and with the latter’s ever-increasing popularity, the former has sadly been left behind in its shadow.

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Even though Ya Boy Kongming has never retained significant recognition, it’s something anime fans should always consider watching in their spare time, or after they finish watching another series. Full of hilarity, he hastens to engage the intrigue and the dynamic between Kongming and Eiko, both sympathetic in their own way with their aspirations.

It may also be a breath of fresh air for those who love isekai anime, as the genre usually involves characters entering worlds considered to go back in time to their own and not the other way around. On top of that, it’s easy to fall in love with the opening and ending songs, as well as the high-quality animations and artistic fidelity to the manga.


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